Disease Information for St Johns wort herbal/intake

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications
Dermatitis/Chronic rash
Drug induced Photosensitivity rash
Drug induced Rash/eruption/herbal
Drug rash/Drug induced rash
Herbal induced sun-sensitivity
Herbal induced Sun-sensitivity/rash
Hyperserotoninemia/SSRI toxicity
Photosensitivity dermatitis
Serotonin SSRI/St Johns Wort syndrome
Disease Mechanism & Classification
DRUG/metabolized by CYP 3A pathway
DRUG/P450 metabolic pathway/competitor
DRUG/Serotonin reuptake inhibitor/CNS effect
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Anxiety claims.
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Inflammatory claims
DRUG-Herbal Immune stimulant claims
DRUG-Herbal Mood stabilizer claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Analgesic balm claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Promotes healing claims
DRUG-Herbal group (example)
TOXIN/Synergistic with SSRI/Hyperserotonin syndrome
Clusiaceae, D39 FAMILY CLUSIACEAE, FAMILY CLUSIACEAE, Family clusiaceae (organism), Guttiferae, intake, mangosteen family, St John's wort family, St John's wort family (organism), DRUG-Herbal Anti-Staphylococcus effect, DRUG-Herbal Helps AIDS Immunity claims, Herbal brand MoodPlex (PharmAssure/Rite Aid), Herbal name Hypericum perforatum, Herbal name Klamath weed, Herbal synonym Amber touch-and-heal, Herbal synonym Johns wort
Drug Therapy - Indication
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Cancer claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Colitis/Chronic colitis claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Depressant claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Diarrhea claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Indigestion/gas claims:
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Insomnia claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Viral claims
DRUG-Herbal Bronchitis/expectorant claim
DRUG-Herbal Helps Behavior disorders claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Chronic fatigue/Adult mono claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps fibromyalgia claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Menopause/Hot flashes claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Menstrual cramps claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps PMS/Premenstrual claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Raynauds/circulation claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) claims
DRUG-Herbal Muscle relaxant/cramps claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Bacterial skin infection claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Burns claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Hastens bruise absorption/claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Helps leg ulcers claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Helps Muscle strains claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Hemorrhoid claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction/Abrasions/burns/dermatitis claim
Drug Dosage
DRUG-Herbal Beware Cost/Potency/Purity variability
DRUG-Herbal Classical/Europe England
DRUG-Herbal Contains Quercetin/flavonoids
DRUG-Herbal Essential oil available:
DRUG-Herbal extracts/tinctures/infusions preparation
DRUG-Herbal Flower/tops most active/useful
DRUG-Herbal High Tannin content:
DRUG-Herbal Not safe for prolonged use
DRUG-Herbal Officially Effective (AmPhAssn level 2)
DRUG-Herbal Rated relatively safe
DRUG-Herbal TOXIC in high dose:
DRUG-Herbal Used often (popular (ex):

commonly used as an anti-depressant and does work in mild cases; dangerous with serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs and MAOI"s


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