Disease Information for Red clover blossom/sprout herbal/intake

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Bloody diarrhea
Stool color/appearance abnormal
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
STOOL Erythrocytes/RBCs
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications
Bleeding diathesis/hemorrhagic diathesis
Bleeding Tendency
Disease Mechanism & Classification
DRUG-Herbal Adaptogen Anti-Stress claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Fever/Increases sweating claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Oxidant/Free radical claims
DRUG-Herbal Blood-thinner/anticoagulant claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Hot flashes/non-estrogenic
DRUG-Herbal Improves appetite claims
DRUG-Herbal Liver health/bile flow claims
DRUG-Herbal Sedative/Insomnia/tranquilizer claims
DRUG-Herbal Skin/eczema health claims
DRUG-Herbal Tonic/energy/stress claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction Antiseptic
DRUG-Herbal group (example)
TOXIN/Mild toxicty syndrome/usual
Iintake, Red clover blossom sprout herbal, Herbal brand MenoLeve (PharmAssure/Rite Aid), Herbal brand Menopause formula (cameron) mix, Herbal name Ledum, Herbal name Polygala amara, Herbal name Populus species, Herbal name Potentilla anserina, Herbal name Potentilla erecta, Herbal name Trifolium pratense, Herbal synonym Cowgrass:, Herbal synonym Pavine clover:
Drug Therapy - Indication
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Cancer claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Hepatitis claims
DRUG-Herbal Bone health/osteoporosis claims
DRUG-Herbal Bronchitis/expectorant claim
DRUG-Herbal Helps Carpal tunnel syndrome/claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Dry-cough claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Menopause/Hot flashes claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Psoriasis claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Sinusitis/chronic claims
DRUG-Herbal Prostate/congestion/BPH claims
DRUG-Herbal Unction/Abrasions/burns/dermatitis claim
Drug Dosage
DRUG-Herbal Contains Phytoestrogens
DRUG-Herbal Contains Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine:
DRUG-Herbal Extract used
DRUG-Herbal Flower/tops most active/useful
DRUG-Herbal May worsen hay fever
DRUG-Herbal Rated generally safe
DRUG-Herbal TOXIC in pregnancy:
DRUG-Herbal Used often (popular (ex):
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