Disease Information for Prednisone (Orasone) Administration/Toxicity

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Weight gain in Elderly
Clitoral enlargement/newborn
Psychotic behavior/symptomatic
Queer bizarre behavior/change
Weight gain
Typical Clinical Presentation
Drug induced Weight gain/Obesity
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Pancreatitis Kids Recurrent
Demographics & Risk Factors
Established Disease Population
Patient/Heart transplant
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings - Decreased
Lymphocytes (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Glucose, blood (Lab)
Insulin level (Lab)
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
TEST/Decadron suppression abnormal
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications
Corticosteroid effect/toxicity
Cushings, iatrogenic syndrome
Drug induced Electrolyte abnormalities
Drug induced GI Blood Loss
Drug induced Hyperglycemia
Drug induced Hypokalemia.
Drug induced Pancreatitis
Electrolyte imbalance
Iatrogenic corticosteroid/treatment/effects
Pancreatitis, acute
Paranoia reaction
Peptic ulcer disease
Steatosis/Non-alcoholic steatosis hepatitis/NASH
Upper GI Bleeding in children
Diabetes mellitus/non-insulin dep/type II
Disease Mechanism & Classification
DRUG/Anti-Altitude sickness effect
DRUG/Anti-asthma medication (example)
DRUG/Anti-gout medication
DRUG/CHOP ChemoRx Protocol (Comb)
DRUG/COPE ChemoRX protocol (comb)
DRUG/Cortisone/Corticosteroid drug (ex)
DRUG/Hormonal agent/derivative medication (example)
DRUG/Immune suppressant drug (example)
DRUG/Important Acute care drugs (example)
DRUG/Prevents transplant/allograft rejection
DRUG/Safe in pregnancy patient (B)
PROCESS/Medication/Drug (CONFIRM dose/before treatment)
1 2 Dehydrocortisone, 17 21 Dihydroxypregna 1 4 diene 3 11 20 trione, Dehydrocortisone, delta Cortisone, Delta(1) Cortisone, Deltacortisone, Deltacortisone preparation, Deltadehydrocortisone, Deltadehydrocortisone preparation, Metacortandracin, PRD, PRED, prednisone, Prednisone (substance), PREDNISONE PREPARATION, Prednisone preparation (product), Prednisone preparation (substance), Prednisonum, Pregna 1 4 diene 3 11 20 trione 17 21 dihydroxy, Brand name/Deltasone (Prednisone), Brand name/Meticorten (Prednisone), Brand name/Metreton (Prednisone), Brand name/Orasone (Prednisone), Brand name/Sterapred (Prednisone)
Drug Dosage
DRUG/.1990 or before
DRUG/Dose 1 mgm (Unit/Pill/Capsule size)
DRUG/Dose 10 mgm (Unit/Pill/Capsule size)
DRUG/Dose 20 mgm (Unit/Pill/Capsule size)
DRUG/Dose 5 mgm (Unit/Pill/Capsule size)
DRUG/Dose liquid/syrup/suspension form
DRUG/Generic available
DRUG/Ophthalmologic/application medication (ex)
DRUG/Oral medication (ex)

Very commonly used Corticosteroid medication; Oral drug usually


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