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Paroxysmal ectopic activity
Sudden Death Young Athlete
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Cardiovascular (category)
PROCESS/Vegetative-Autonomic/Endocrine (category)
Beat Premature Ventricular, Beat Ventricular Ectopic, beats ectopia ventricular, Beats Premature Ventricular, Beats Ventricular Ectopic, Complex Premature Ventricular, Complex Ventricular Premature, Complexes Ventricular Premature, Complices Premature Ventricular, Complices Ventricular Premature, Contraction Premature Ventricular, Contractions Premature Ventricular, ectopia beats ventricular, ectopia ventricular beats, Ectopic Beat Ventricular, Ectopic beat(s) ventricular, ECTOPIC BEATS (VENTRICULAR), Ectopic Beats Ventricular, extra ventricular systoles, Extrasystole Ventricular, Extrasystoles Ventricular, Paroxysmal arrhythmia, Premature Complex Ventricular, Premature Complexes Ventricular, Premature Complices Ventricular, premature contraction ventricular, Premature VEB's, Premature Ventricular Beat, Premature Ventricular Beats, Premature ventricular complex, Premature Ventricular Complices, premature ventricular contraction, premature ventricular contractions, Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) (VPCs), Premature ventricular ectopic beats, premature ventricular systole, PVC, pvcs, PVC'S, Systoles ventricular (extra), vbp, VEB's, Ventric premature depolarisatn, Ventricular Beat Premature, Ventricular Beats Premature, Ventricular Complex Premature, Ventricular Complices Premature, Ventricular Contraction Premature, Ventricular Contractions Premature, ventricular ectopic activity, Ventricular Ectopic Beat, ventricular ectopic beat(s), Ventricular ectopic beats, Ventricular ectopic beats (disorder), Ventricular ectopic beats (finding), Ventricular ectopic complex, Ventricular ectopics, VENTRICULAR ECTOPY, Ventricular Extrasystole, VENTRICULAR EXTRASYSTOLES, Ventricular premature beats, Ventricular premature beats (disorder), Ventricular Premature Complex, Ventricular premature complex (disorder), Ventricular Premature Complexes, Ventricular Premature Complices, ventricular premature contraction, Ventricular premature contractions, Ventricular premature depolarisation, Ventricular premature depolarization, ventricular premature systole, Ventricular premature systoles, VPB, vpbs, VPC, VPC's, Synonym/PEA/Pulseless electrical activity
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