Disease Information for Midline lethal granuloma

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Cheek Pain/Tenderness
Depressed nasal bridge
Enlarging nose
Face Pain
Facial edema/swelling
Facial Mass
Facial ulceration/ulcers
Prominent Nose
Decreased taste ability/Hypoguesia
Headache,'sinus' type
Loss of Taste
Anosmia/Loss of sense of smell
Blood streaked purulent nasal discharge
Decreased sense of smell
Epistaxis, severe/persistent
Gummatous nasal lesion
Intra- Nasal Ulceration
Nasal blockage/progressive bilateral
Nasal congestion
Nasal discharge
Nasal pain
Nasal Septum Perforation
Nasal ulceration/cutaneous sore
Nose blocked/bilateral (sign)
Nose blocked/stuffy
Nose tenderness/cartilage
Runny nose/rhinorrhea
Saddle Nose Deformity
Sinus tap/tenderness on exam
Ulceration nasal septum
Chronically ill patient/signs
Constitutional symptoms
Fever Febrile Possible
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Bilateral Eyelid Edema
Eyelid Retraction
Periorbital edema/Puffy eyes
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Resistant Sinusitis Poor control
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Potentially lethal/untreated
Lethal Potential
Laboratory Tests
Microbiology & Serology Findings
Flow Cytometry/Cell type CD2 antigen
Flow Cytometry/Cell type CD3 antigen
Flow Cytometry/Cell type CD56 antigen
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Acute inflammatory markers elevated (Lab)
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Flow Cytometry/NK Cell type CD2 CD3 CD56 antigen
PATH/Granulomatous vasculitis
BX/Sinus Abnormal
PATH/Granulomatous tissue/specimen
CT Scan
CT Scan/Sinus abnormality
CT Scan/Sinus/Mass in sinus
Xray/Nasal bone/cartilage destruction
Xray/Nasopharyngeal mass/Head
Xray/Opacified paranasal sinus
Xray/Paranasal sinus mass
Xray/Sinus bony erosions/paranasal
Xray/Sinusitis findings
Xray/Orbital lesion/Head
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Rule Outs
Rhinitis, atopic
Wegeners granulomatosis
Associated Disease & Complications
Death Outcome
Granulomatous Vasculitis
Midline lethal granuloma
Nasal obstruction
Rhinitis/chronic granulomatous
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Midline structures/disorders (ex)
CLASS/Facial area manifestation/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Facial bones involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Maxillary sinus involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Nasopharyngeal disorder/lesions (ex)
CLASS/Tracheonasal/larynx/pharynx (category)
Pathophysiology/Granulomatous Neoplasia
Pathophysiology/Granulomatous/necrotizing angiitis
Pathophysiology/Granulomatous arteritis
Pathophysiology/Orbit inflammatory process
PROCESS/Allergy/collagen/autoimmune (category)
PROCESS/Allergy/inflammatory/granulomatous disorder (ex).
PROCESS/Inflammatory/Granulomatous disease (ex)
PROCESS/Lymphomas (ex)
PROCESS/Granulomatous Disease
GRANULOMA IDIOPATHIC MIDLINE, Granuloma Lethal Midline, GRANULOMA MIDLINE, Granulomas Lethal Midline, Idiopathic midline granuloma, Lethal midline granuloma, Lethal midline granuloma (disorder), Lethal midline granuloma of face, Lethal Midline Granulomas, lethal midline reticulosis, Malignant granuloma of face, Midfacial Necrotising Lesion, midline granuloma, Midline Granuloma Lethal, Midline Granulomas Lethal, Midline Lethal Granuloma of Nasal Cavity, Midline Lethal Granuloma of the Nasal Cavity, Nasal Cavity Lethal Midline Granuloma, Synonym/Angiocentric Lymphoma (MLG/NK Lymphoma), Synonym/Facial granuloma, lethal midline, Synonym/Granuloma gangraenescens, Synonym/Mutilating granulomatosis, Synonym/Natural Killer Cell Lymphoma NKCL, Synonym/T-Cell lymphoma variant
Drug Therapy - Indication
RX/Alkylating agents
Surgical Procedures or Treatments
Other Treatments

Lethal midline granuloma

(thing) by Ashley Pomeroy (4.1 wk) (print) ? I like it! Mon Apr 08 2002 at 20:27:23

The charmingly named "lethal midline granuloma" (now more commonly, but less dramatically, known as "polymorphic reticulosis"), is one of the medical conditions from which one can suffer. It isn"t a disease; rather, it"s a leprosy-like condition which can develop through infection or trauma to the nasal region and sinuses. It strikes most often at those who abuse cocaine and is a very good reason not to put things up your nose. The threat of it can also be used to prevent your children from becoming fixated with bogies.

It is characterised by "progressive relentless ulcerations and necrosis of midfacial structures", which essentially means that it eats your face off from the inside. Or your nose, more precisely, causing "massive, progressive osteocartilaginous necrosis of the sinonasal tract and palate". This is fully as bad as it sounds.

It can usually be limited with radiotherapy and also by removing the cause of the trauma or infection; the drastic effects cannot be reversed and require extensive reconstructive surgery. If it is not treated the necrosis carries on until you are dead, which is why it"s called "lethal midline granuloma" and not just "midline granuloma".

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