Disease Information for Brucellosis: Laboratory Tests

Microbiology & Serology Findings
Serum specific antibodies increased
Microlab/Culture slow relatively
Microlab/Blood culture positive
Microlab/Bone marrow culture abnormal
Microlab/Brucella abortus (cows) isolation
Microlab/Brucella melitensis (goat) isolation
Microlab/Brucella suis (hogs) isolation
Microlab/Culture requires CO2 for growth
Microlab/Culture slow/2-3 weeks growth
Microlab/Difficult agent to culture
Microlab/Fastidious/slow-growing organism
Microlab/Gram-negative/coccobacillus/nonmotile seen
Microlab/Liver BX culture abnormal
Microlab/Liver BX/Aspirate culture abnormal
Microlab/Serol/Brucella titer increase/1 to 160
Microlab/Spleen BX/aspirate culture abnormal
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Acute inflammatory markers elevated (Lab)
Right Shift (Viral) Differential Smear (Lab)
Transaminase elevation (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Decreased
Neutrophiles (Lab)
WBC/White Blood Cell Count/Leukocytes (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Febrile Agglutinins (Lab)
ALT (SGPT) (Alanine transferase) (Lab)
Aspartamine aminotransferase (SGOT, AST) (Lab)
AST (SGOT) (aspartamine transferase) (Lab)
C-reactive protein (Lab)
Gamma globulin (Lab)
Globulin, serum (Lab)
IGA/Immunoglobulin A (Lab)
IGG/Immunoglobulin G (Lab)
IGM/Immunoglobulin M (Lab)
LAP/Leucine Amino Peptidase (Lab)
Lymphocytes (Lab)
Monocytes (Lab)
Sed Rate/ESR/Sedimentation rate (Lab)