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Duct of Gartner, Ducts Gartner's, Gartner Ducts, Gartner's canal (F), Gartner's duct, Gartner's duct (body structure), Gartner's duct (F), Gartners Ducts, Gartner's Ducts, Longitudinal duct of epoophoron, Longitudinal duct of epoophoron (F), Longitudinal duct of Gartner, Malpighian canal, Mesonephric duct rest, Wolffian duct rest, Wolffian duct rest (morphologic abnormality), Synonym/Mesonephric duct cyst, Synonym/Wolffian duct cyst

In females Gartner"s duct cyst: retention cyst arising from Gartners ducts, occurring along the Wolffian duct remnant; The cysts are typically paravaginal and anterolateral in position; While usually small (12 cm), they can be large and even cause ureteric obstruction; Gartner"s duct cysts are usually asymptomatic but on occasion can become large and result in obstruction of the urethral orifice; In addition, an ectopic ureter can terminate in a Gartner"s duct cyst; Diagnosis on MRI is made by identifying the location and the cystic nature of the abnormality; The cyst will commonly contain proteinaceous fluid and, therefore, have high signal intensity on T1-weighted images ; The differential diagnosis includes a squamous inclusion cyst of the vagina, a ureteric diverticulum (a transverse plane of section should be helpful), or a Bartholin gland; The latter, however, is usually located more distally and superficially adjacent to the vulva; CT or ultrasound shows a well circumscribed non-enhancing thin-walled cyst anterolateral to the vagina-[medencyclopedia website 2006]---------


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