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Drash (triad) syndrome
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Spontaneous mutation sporatic cases; WILMS TUMOR AND PSEUDOHERMAPHRODITISM;DRASH SYNDROME;DENYS-DRASH SYNDROME; NEPHROPATHY, WILMS TUMOR, AND GENITAL ANOMALIES; DRASH TRIAD; (Gene locus 11p13); a result of mutation in the Wilms tumor suppressor gene (WT1); The usual renal lesion is diffuse mesangial sclerosis; partial androgen receptor deficiency and mixed gonadal dysgenesis; The nephropathy of the Drash triad shows severe proteinuria, then nephrotic syndrome commonly progressing to end-stage renal failure before age 3; focal or diffuse mesangial sclerosis; deposition of fibrillary material in the cytoplasm leads to mesangial cell expansion; Drash patients who develop Wilms tumor usually have bilateral tumors and present at a mean age of about 18 months; the genital abnormality is most often male pseudohermaphroditism with children having either ambiguous external genitalia or a normal female phenotype with an XY karyotype; hiatus hernia may be related

(OMIM/NIH 2005)-------------------------------------------------------

Drash Syndrome

Denys-Drash Syndrome

Nephropathy-Pseudohermaphroditism-Wilms Tumor

Pseudohermaphroditism-Nephron Disorder-Wilm"s Tumor

Wilms Tumor and Pseudohermaphroditism

Wilms Tumor-Pseudohermaphroditism-Nephropathy

Wilms Tumor-Pseuodohermaphroditism-Glomerulopathy

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General Discussion

Drash Syndrome is a very rare disorder that typically appears for no apparent reason (sporadically). In rare cases, it may be inherited as an autosomal dominant genetic trait. This disorder usually appears early in life. In its complete form, it is characterized by the combination of abnormal kidney function, genital abnormalities (pseudohermaphroditism), and a cancerous tumor of the kidney called a Wilms" tumor. Some affected individuals may have the incomplete form of Drash Syndrome, which consists of abnormal kidney function with either genital abnormalities (pseudohermaphroditism) or Wilms" tumor. This disorder predominantly affects males but a few female cases have been reported.[NORD 2005]


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