Disease Information for Ventricular large septal defect: Diagnostic Test Results

Other Tests & Procedures
Heart Cath/Left to Right Shunt
Heart cath/Right ventricle end diastolic/high
Jugular venous tracing/a wave prominent
EKG/Biatrial Hypertrophy
EKG/P negative component V1/deep and long (ECG)
EKG/P Wave > 2.5 mV inferior leads (ECG)
EKG/Peaked tall P Waves 2,3,F leads (ECG)
EKG/P-Mitrale pattern (ECG)
EKG/P-Pulmonale pattern (ECG)
EKG/Increased amplitude QRS/voltage (ECG)
EKG/Katz-Wachtel equiphasic R/S in Limb/Precordial (ECG)
EKG/Q Waves inferior leads (ECG)
EKG/QRS V1/predominantly positive (R>S) (ECG)
EKG/R Wave high/S Wave deep/precordial leads (ECG)
EKG/S deeper V2 than V1 (ECG)
EKG/Right-axis deviation (ECG)
EKG/Biventricular hypertrophy (ECG)
EKG/Left atrial hypertrophy signs (ECG)
EKG/Right atrial hypertrophy signs (ECG)
EKG/Right ventricular hypertrophy signs (ECG)
CT Scan
MRI/Heart scan abnormal
MRI/Chest abnormal
Fluoroscopy/Cardiac/Chest abnormal
Fluoroscopy/Hilar 'dance'/pulsation pulmonary artery
Xray/Aortic knob small/Chest
Xray/Chest abnormal
Xray/Congestive heart failure signs/Chest
Xray/Enlarged left atrium/Chest
Xray/Enlarged left ventricle/chest
Xray/Large heart shadow/Chest
Xray/Pulmonary artery vascularity increased/Chest
Xray/Chest/Lung fields/Abnormal
Xray/Hilar mass/pulsating on fluoroscopy
Xray/Increased pulmonary vasculature/Chest
Xray/Pulm arteries dilated/distal narrow/Chest
Xray/Pulmonary arteries central dilation/Chest
Echo/Color Flow Doppler Abnormal
Echo/contrast shunt abnormality
Echo/Distended IVC/Vena cava
Echo/Echocardiogram Abnormal
Echo/Heart Multichamber enlargement
Echo/Normal IVC collapse absent
Echo/Pulmonary artery hypertension
Echo/Saline Bubble Contrast Abnormal
Ultrasound/IVC Fails Collapse on Inspiration
Heart cath/Abnormal
Heart cath/Cardiac shunt
Heart cath/Left side abnormal
Heart cath/O2 step-up RA to PA (8 mm Hg)
Heart cath/Pulmonary artery pressure increased
Heart cath/Right left shunt
Heart cath/Right side abnormal