Disease Information for Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnostic Test Results

Other Tests & Procedures
Lumbar puncture/abnormal
OCT/Optical Coherance Tomography Thin Retina
Visual Fields Test Abnormal
Visual fields/Central scotomata
Visual Fields/Central visual field loss
TEST/Caloric/nystagmus/challenge abnormal
PATH/Brain abnormal
PATH/Brain corpus callosum lesion/defect
PATH/Brain Focal Degeneration/Lesion
PATH/Brain white matter multifocal lesions
PATH/Brain White matter plaque astrogliosis
PATH/Brain/Leptomeningeal Lesions
PATH/Brain/White matter/deficient myelin
PATH/Cerebral demyelination/biopsy/path
PATH/Gliosis spinal cord
PATH/Perivenular/focal demyelination/reactive gliosis
EEG/ABR/Auditory evoked response/potential abnormal/AEP
EEG/Evoked Potential Responses Abnormal
EEG/Somatic sensory evoked response/SSEP/SSER abnormal
EEG/Visual evoked response/abnormality
Electronystagmography Abnormal
TEST/Auditory brainstem response/abnormal/ABS response
CT Scan
CT Scan/Head Brain/Corpus callosum hypoplasia/agenesis
MRI/Head Brain Abnormal
MRI/Head corpus callosum/underside lesion
MRI/Head Deep white matter/multiple lesions
MRI/Head Demyelination white matter
MRI/Head multifocal low density lesions/white matter
MRI/Head Ovoid demyelination lesions
MRI/Head periventricular white matter lesions
MRI/Head Posterior fossa white matter lesions
MRI/Head Scan Abnormal
MRI/Head T2 and fluid -attenuated inversion recovery
MRI/Head White matter lesions 6mm/larger
X-RAY With contrast
UGI/Esophagus motility disorder
UGI/Hypopharynx/pooled barium vallecula