Disease Information for Multiple myeloma: Diagnostic Test Results

Bone Marrow/Abnormal
Bone Marrow/Plasma cells increased
Bone Marrow/Plasma cells/sheets invasion/pathology
BX/Bone biopsy/Intramedullary solitary mass/abnormal
BX/Bone Marrow Biopsy/Abnormal
BX/Bone biopsy/abnormal
BX/Renal Atrophic renal tubules
BX/Renal Renal casts in tubules,
PATH/Proliferation plasma cells/lymphocytes
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Bone scan false negative (positive xray)
CT Scan
CT/Bone Mineral Density/Increased
CT/Dexa-Scan Bone density Abnormal
Xray/Chest abnormal
Xray/Calcifications Subcutaneous
Xray/Calcifications of soft tissue, multiple
Xray/Calcifications apparent/Chest
Xray/Chest/Lung fields/Abnormal
Xray/Posterior calcified mass on rib/Chest
Xray/Bone lesions, motheaten lytic multiple
Xray/Bone lesions, multiple 'punched out'
XRAY/Clavicles widened
Xray/Demineralized bone extensive
Xray/Diaphysis lesion/Site usual
Xray/Fractures not previously reported/varied ages
Xray/Multiple lytic lesions of skull
Xray/Osteolytic bone metastasis/Skeletal
Xray/Rib lesions/destruction
Xray/Scalloping erosion inner table of cortex/Skeletal
Xray/Skeletal findings
Xray/Skull abnormality
Xray/Skull 'hair-on-end' pattern
Xray/Vertebral lesion
X-RAY With contrast
IVP/Bilateral large kidneys
IVP/Dense nephrogram, bilateral
Lymphangiogram/Filling defect/lymph nodes