Disease Information for Lymphoma/malignant, non-Hodgkins: Diagnostic Test Results

Other Tests & Procedures
Skin test anergy
Mediastinoscopy/Abnormal findings
Bone marrow/Cleft nucleus pattern/large lymphocyte
Bone marrow/Increased lymphocytes
BX/Lymph node biopsy/abnormal
BX/Liver biopsy/Granulomas in liver
PATH/Non-node lymphoma infiltrate/process
PATH/Small round blue cell/childhood tumor
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Gallium 67 lung scan abnormal
CT Scan
MRI/Bilateral Adrenal Masses/abdomen
CT Scan/Abdomen Mesenteric mass
CT Scan/Abdomen Retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy
CT Scan/CTA Abdomen Abnormal
CT Scan/Mesenteric adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Chest abnormal
CT Scan/Lung Mass
CT Scan/Mediastinal/anterior mass/Chest
CT/Bone Mineral Density/Increased
CT/Dexa-Scan Bone density Abnormal
Xray/Chest abnormal
Xray/Calcifications Subcutaneous
Xray/Calcified lymph nodes
Xray/Anterior mediastinal lesion/Chest
Xray/Cardiophrenic mass/right/Chest
Xray/Chest/Lung fields/Abnormal
Xray/Hilar adenopathy, unilateral/Chest
Xray/Lung consolidation/Chest
Xray/Mediastinal mass/Chest
Xray/Mediastinal/anterior mass/Chest
Xray/Metastatic lung lesions/Chest
Xray/Paratracheal adenopathy/Chest
Xray/Retrocardiac shadow/mass/Chest
Xray/Unilateral hilar enlargement/Chest
Xray/Wide mediastinum/Chest
Xray/Mass in pancreatic area/KUB
Xray/Bone lesion, solitary lytic
Xray/Bone lesions, motheaten lytic multiple
Xray/Increased bone density
Xray/Multiple lytic lesions of skull
Xray/Osteoblastic metastasis/Skeletal
Xray/Vertebrae, dense and sclerotic
Xray/Nasopharyngeal mass/Head
Xray/Superior/mediastinal mass/Chest
X-RAY With contrast
SBS/Hose-like thickened bowel wall segment
SBS/Small bowel mass (Xray)
UGI/Duodenum thickened folds
UGI/Duodenum widened loop
UGI/Esophagus extrinsic defect
UGI/Postbulbar-jejunal ulceration
UGI/Retrogastric space enlarged
Lymphangiogram/Filling defect/lymph nodes