Disease Information for Intestinal/gut lymphoma: Diagnostic Test Results

Other Tests & Procedures
Laparoscopy/Abdominal abnormal
TEST/D-Xylose absorption abnormal
BX/Intestinal biopsy/ileum/ abnormal
BX/Intestinal biopsy/Jejunal/Abnormal
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Schilling Test/B12 isotope/Abnormal
CT Scan
CT Scan/Abdomen Cecum lesion
CT Scan/Abdomen Mesenteric mass
CT Scan/Abdomen Retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy
CT Scan/CTA Abdomen Abnormal
CT Scan/Mesenteric adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Thickened bowel wall/ABD
CT Scan/Thickened/small-bowel wall/ABD
CT/Enterography Abnormal
MRI/MRA Abomen Abnormal
Xray/Encasing 'sandwich' mass mesenteric vessels/fat/loops/ABD
X-RAY With contrast
BE/Colon thumbprinting mucosa (Xray)
BE/Lesion of cecum (Xray)
SBS/Abnormal Small Bowel Series
SBS/Bulls-eye lesion/gut
SBS/Intestinal nodular filling defect (Xray)
SBS/Mucosal destruction small bowel (Xray)
SBS/Mucosal folds thickened, intestinal (Xray)
SBS/Multiple intramural/bowel wall small nodules (Xray)
SBS/Multiple nodules/intestinal (Xray)
SBS/Separation bowel loops (Xray)
SBS/Small bowel mass (Xray)
SBS/Valvulae conniventes thickened (Xray)
UGI/Duodenum external pressure deformity
UGI/Duodenum mass/intrinsic
UGI/Duodenum thickened folds
UGI/Duodenum widened loop
UGI/Postbulbar-jejunal ulceration