Disease Information for Crohn's disease (Regional enteritis): Diagnostic Test Results

Other Tests & Procedures
Skin test anergy
Colonoscopy/Asymmetric disease pattern
Colonoscopy/Cobblestone mucosa pattern
Colonoscopy/Colon ulcers
Colonoscopy/Longitudinal Fissuring
Colonoscopy/Multiple ulcerations
Colonoscopy/Nodular lesions, multiple
Colonoscopy/Segmental colitis pattern
Colonoscopy/Skip lesions/Ulcers
Colonoscopy/Terminal ileum lesions
Endoscopy/Small bowel flora increased/culture
Sigmoidoscopy Abnormal
TEST/D-Xylose absorption abnormal
BX/Intestinal Biopsy/Chronic inflammation
BX/Intestinal Biopsy/Fibrosis edema
BX/Intestinal biopsy/Granuloma
BX/Intestinal biopsy/ileum/ abnormal
BX/Intestinal biopsy/Jejunal/Abnormal
BX/Intestinal Transmural lesions
BX/Rectal biopsy/Abnormal
PATH/Skip lesions/small bowel inflammation
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Granulomatous changes
BX/Liver biopsy/Fatty change in liver tissue
BX/Liver biopsy/Granulomas in liver
PATH/Granulomatous tissue/specimen
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Schilling Test/B12 isotope/Abnormal
Isotope/Gastric Emptying Delay
Isotope/Tagged RBC/Bleeding scan abnormal
CT Scan
CT Scan/Abdomen Cecum lesion
CT Scan/Abdomen Colon thickened
CT Scan/Abdomen Terminal ileum lesion
CT Scan/Abdomen Terminal ileum skip lesions
CT Scan/CTA Abdomen Abnormal
CT Scan/Double halo configuration lumen bowel/ABD
CT Scan/Inflammatory mass peritoneal/ABD
CT Scan/Mesenteric adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Small bowel creeping mesenteric fat/ABD
CT Scan/Thickened bowel wall/ABD
CT Scan/Thickened/small-bowel wall/ABD
CT/Enterography Abnormal
X-RAY With contrast
BE/Abnormality (barium enema)
BE/Cecum contracted/conical (Xray)
BE/Ileum contracted, fixed (Xray)
BE/Ileum string sign (Xray)
BE/Lesion of cecum (Xray)
BE/Lesion of terminal ileum (Xray)
BE/Long fistulous tract parallel to colon/bowel lumen
BE/Nodular lymphoid follicular filling defects
BE/Rectal deep collar button ulcers
BE/Rectal sinus tracts
BE/Rectovaginal fistula on barium enema (Xray)
BE/Terminal ileum lesion (Xray)
SBS/Abnormal Small Bowel Series
SBS/Aphthous ulcers mucosa/small bowel
SBS/Cobblestone mucosa/ulcerations
SBS/Enterocutaneous fistula (Xray)
SBS/Enteroenteric fistula (Xray)
SBS/Enterovaginal fistula (Xray)
SBS/Enterovesical fistula (Xray)
SBS/Hose-like thickened bowel wall segment
SBS/Intestine, segmental fixed narrowing (Xray)
SBS/Mucosal destruction small bowel (Xray)
SBS/Mucosal folds thickened, intestinal (Xray)
SBS/Mucosal pattern irregular/swollen
SBS/Multiple nodules/intestinal (Xray)
SBS/Separation bowel loops (Xray)
SBS/Straightening/rigidity small bowel loops
SBS/String-sign small bowel (Xray)
UGI/Duodenum dilatation
UGI/Duodenum thickened folds
UGI/Gastric Emptying Time Delay
UGI/Gastrocolic fistula
UGI/Rugae enlarged/gastrum
Ultrasound/Bowel distended fluid filled loops/ABD
Ultrasound/Peritoneal Inflammatory mass/ABD
Ultrasound/Thickened bowel wall/ABD