Disease Information for Carcinoma, renal cell: Diagnostic Test Results

BX/Renal Abnormal
Cytology/Bladder Exfoliative Cancer cells/Abn
PATH/Tissue CEA increased
PATH/Tumor Neuron specific Enolase marker positive
Isotope Scan
Isotope Scan/Gallium Renal Pick up unilateral
Isotope/Renal Scan Abnormal
CT Scan
CT Scan/Abdomen Mesenteric mass
CT Scan/CTA Abdomen Abnormal
MRI/MRA Abomen Abnormal
CT Scan/Lung Mass
CT Scan/Kidney hypodense mass
CT Scan/Renal (Kidney) Abnormal
CT Scan/Renal Mass
CT Scan/Renal without contrast/Abnormal
MRI/Kidney hypodense mass
MRI/Renal (Kidney) Abnormal
Xray/Chest abnormal
Xray/Chest/Lung fields/Abnormal
Xray/Lung mass/solitary, large/Chest
Xray/Metastatic lung lesions/Chest
Xray/Pleural fluid/Chest
Xray/Mass in pancreatic area/KUB
Xray/Bone lesion, solitary lytic
Xray/Osteoblastic metastasis/Skeletal
Xray/Annular calcification in kidney/KUB
Xray/Displaced kidney finding/KUB
Xray/Loss of perirenal fat/shadow/KUB
Xray/Mass displacing kidney/KUB
Xray/Renal cysts/KUB
Xray/Renal displacement/KUB/IVP
Xray/Renal mass/KUB/IVP
X-RAY With contrast
UGI/Postbulbar-jejunal ulceration
UGI/Retrogastric space enlarged
IVP/Abnormal (intravenous pyelogram)
IVP/Bulge of renal outline
IVP/Peripelvic extravasation of dye
IVP/Renal mass
IVP/Renal pelvis distortion
Ultrasound/Abdomen Abnormal
Ultrasound/Liver/Vascular tumor mass
Ultrasound/Renal (kidney) abnormality
Ultrasound/Renal Mass/Renal
Ultrasound/Renal/Unequal kidney size
Angios/Renal abnormal
Angios/Renal/Digital subtraction/abnormal