Disease Information for Sarcoidosis: Definition

  • An idiopathic systemic inflammatory granulomatous disorder comprised of epithelioid and multinucleated giant cells with little necrosis; It usually invades the lungs with fibrosis and may also involve lymph nodes, skin, liver, spleen, eyes, phalangeal bones, and parotid glands;

    Also known as:

    * Besnier's disease;

    * Besnier-Boeck disease;

    * Besnier-Tenneson syndrome;

    * Hutchinson-Boeck disease;

    * Mylius-Schürman disease;

    * Boeck-Schaumann disease;

    * Besnier-Boeck sarcoid;

    * Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease;

    * Boeck's disease;

    * Boeck's lipoid;

    * Boeck's miliary lipoid;

    * Hutchinson-Boeck granulomatosis;

    * Moeller-Boeck sarcoid;

    * Moeller-Boeck syndrome;

    * Mortimer's disease;

    * Schaumann's syndrome;


    * Benign lymphogranulomatosis;

    * benign lymphogranulomatosis of Schaumann;

    * lupus pernio;

    * lymphogranulomatosis benigna;

    * sarcoidosis;

    * morbus sarcoidosis;

    A generalized benign systemic granulomatous disease most frequently involving the lymph nodes, liver, skin, lungs, spleen, salivary glands, and eyes; More frequent in young adults 20 to 30 years of age, with a predilection for females; In the USA it occurs frequently in Negroes; erythema nodosum, another skin symptom that in 1946 was proved to be related also to sarcoidosis; histological picture of lupus pernio with presence of epithelid cells and giant cells

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