Disease Information for Psoriatic arthritis: Definition

  • Syndrome in which psoriasis is associated with arthritis, often involving inflammation in terminal interphalangeal joints; A rheumatoid factor is not usually present in the sera of affected individuals; Arthritis, Psoriatic; Arthropathic Psoriasis;

    Disorder Subdivisions: Asymmetric Arthritis; Psoriatic Spondyloarthritis; Symmetric Arthritis; Psoriatic arthritis is a rheumatoid-like arthritic condition characterized by pain and swelling (inflammation) of the joints (arthritis) that occurs in association with gray discoloration or scaly plaques of the skin (psoriasis); Abnormalities of the nails may also be present; In many cases, skin symptoms precede the development of arthritis by several years; The exact cause of the psoriatic arthritis is unknown

    [NORD 2005]