Disease Information for Gilles de Tourette syndrome: Definition

  • Childhood onset (6 years) neurologic behavior disorder thought to be autosomal dominant hereditary with variable expression; males 4 to 1 frequency; phonic and motor tics

    that wax and wan; often dramatic noises with coprolalia, echoclalia, with explosive impulsive behavior; associated with attention deficit and obsessive compulsive disorders; blinking, nodding, stuttering and mimicry and poor anger control occur--------------------------

    Tourette Syndrome; AKA Chronic Motor Tic; Chronic Multiple Tics; GTS; Gilles de la Tourette"s disease ; Gilles de la Tourette"s syndrome; Habit Spasms; Maladie de Tics ;

    Paulitis; TS; Tics; Tourette"s disorder; Tourette Syndrome is a hereditary neurological movement disorder that is characterized by repetitive motor and vocal tics; Symptoms may include involuntary movements of the extremities, shoulders, and face accompanied by uncontrollable sounds and, in some cases, inappropriate words; Tourette Syndrome is neither a progressive nor degenerative disorder; rather, symptoms tend to be variable and follow a chronic waxing and waning course throughout an otherwise normal life span; The specific symptoms associated with Tourette Syndrome often vary greatly from case to case; The exact cause of Tourette Syndrome is unknown----------------------[NORD website 2005]--------------------Gilles de la Tourette"s syndrome; Also known as: Tourette’s syndrome (misnomer);Brissaud’s syndrome; Brissaud’s disease; Guinon’s myospasmia impulsiva; Guinon’s disease; Guinon"s disease; Chorea variabilis; compulsive swearing syndrome, compulsive tic; coprolalia-compulsive tic syndrome;