Disease Information for Fibromyositis/Fibromyalgia syndrome: Definition

  • Chronic fatigue with fibromyalgia syndromeincludes some cognitive and myalgia trigger points; unknown cause likely post- infection poorly understood process with few physical

    or lab finding; Exercise helps long term care but often pripitates relapse if too vigorous; lyme disease; post-polio syndrome; major stres events often a trigger; suspected microbes considered now Herpetic or Human lymphotrophic virus (HLTV-2, HHV-6); Lack of REM sleep level four;there is intrusion of alpha waves into delta-wave sleep on EEG; sensitive to nor-epinephrine epinephrine which causes increased pain; low growth hormone, somatomedin-a, melatonin, endorphines, altered serotonin;chlorpromazine and gamma hydroxybutyrate help

    with more REM sleep; Substance P increased CSF and cytokine effectors peripheral serum/mononuclear cells increased IL-6 amd IL-8 cytokines; high TNF in some--------------------