Disease Information for Eisenmenger syndrome: Definition

  • Defect of the interventricular septum with severe pulmonary hypertension, hypertrophy of the right ventricle, and latent or overt cyanosis-----------------------------------------------------------

    Eisenmenger"s complex (Victor Eisenmenger); Eisenmenger’s disease; Eisenmenger’s defect; Eisenmenger’s syndrome;

    Eisenmenger’s tetralogy; A congenital, progressive cyanotic heart defect with an abnormal connection between system circulation and lung circulation; There is a ventricular septal defect, dextroposition of the aorta, pulmonary hypertension with pulmonary artery enlargement and hypertrophy of the right ventricle as well as a left-to-right shunt (ventricular, occasionally also atrial) reverted to right-to-left by pulmonary hypertension; Although several authoritative writers have described this congenital cardiac malformation as a syndrome, the term most used in cardiologic literature is Eisenmenger’s complex Both sexes equally affected; Exertional dyspnea; Delayed physical development; repeated pulmonary infections with occasional haemoptysis; Cough may be the dominant symptom in later life; The term Eisenmenger"s complex was introduced by Maud Elizabeth Seymour Abbott (1869-1949); It is now used to describe the clinical syndrome and pathophysiology resulting from reversal of any left to right shunt--------[whonamedit-com 2005]--------------