Disease Information for Craniopharyngioma: Definition

  • A benign brain tumor that may be considered malignant because it can damage the hypothalamus; Usually presents insidiously in teenager or old child with growth hormone deficiency, obstructive hydrocephalus, short term memory loss, and psychomotor slowing; Sex incidence is equal; Common pediatric non-glial brain tumor; Often diabetes insipidus and dwarfism as well as headache with bitemporal hemianopsia; This is 3-5% of all pediatric brain tumors; bimodal peaks of incidence first and second decade and then in sixth decade; Treatment is surgery and radiation with relapse 30-50 percent of cases; These tumors arise in a squamous remnant of Rathke"s Pouch located in infundibulum or upper anterior hypophysis; Nests of squamous cells are commonly found in normal patients in suprasellar area surrounding the pas tuberalis of the adult pituitary;

    Prognosis guarded, Relapse and regrowth occurs 30 to 50%; operative mortality 5-15%, 5 year survival 88% maximum

    ---------[Ferri Clinical advisor]-------------