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Acute Vision Loss
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Retinal exudates
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Diabetic retinopathy
Hereditary Blindness
Retinitis pigmentosa
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Coats disease/retinal exudative inflammation/disease
Telangiectasia Retina
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Coats" Disease;Coats Syndrome; Retinal Telangiectasis; Coats disease is a rare disorder characterized by abnormal development of the blood vessels of the nerve-rich membrane lining the eyes (retina); Affected individuals may experience loss of vision and detachment of the retina. In most cases, only one eye is affected (unilateral); However, in rare cases, both eyes may be affected (bilateral Coats disease); In these bilateral cases, one eye is affected more than the other (asymmetric Coats disease); The specific cause of Coats disease is not known-----[NORD 2005]

----------Congenital Telangiectasia or Coat"s disease is an uncommon disorder that involves the growth of blood vessels of the macula; These blood vessels may extend beneth the retina to produce an area of sub-retinal neovascularization(growth of abnormal blood vessels under the retina which "leak" fluid, causing reduction in vision); Limited forms of treatment are available in managing the neovascularization and its consequences--------------[Clinical trials 2005]---------------------------


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