Disease Information for Spondylosis, cervical: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Neck muscle pains
Unilateral Neck Pain
Arm claudication
Bowel/Stool Incontinence
Dysphagia Swallowing Difficulties
Arm Pain
Arm/shoulder weakness (symptom)
Bilateral Shoulder Muscle pain/Weakness
Deltoid Bursitis Pain
Finger Pain
Hand muscle spasms/cramps
Hand/middle three digits/palmar pain
Head Lag Infant Sign
Interosseous muscle wasting/hand
Intrinsic hand muscle wasting/sign
Muscle Atrophy
Muscle spasticity
Neck weakness/head nodding
Outer arm pains
Proximal upper extremity weakness
Thenar muscle wasting
Upper extremity pains
Weakness, arms, bilateral
Weakness, legs, bilateral
Weakness, neck muscles
Weakness/one arm
Worse With Arm Exertion/Use
Active reflexes
Ankle reflexes increased
Arm distal sensation decrease
Arm pain/stinger type (epicritic/trauma)
Arm pain/temperature sense decreased
Arm pain/worsened by head movement
Arm reflexes, bilateral decrease
Arm reflexes, unilateral decrease
Babinski's upgoing toes/bilateral
C5/6 cervical root symptoms/signs
C6/7 Radicular symptoms/signs
Cervical radiculopathy syndrome
Cervicobrachial pain syndrome
Difficulty flexing neck
Grip strength decreased
Headache improved with position change
Headache worse with position change
Headache/chronic recurrent
Headache/worse in afternoon/evening
Hyperreflexia/DTRs increased
Leg reflexes increased
Legs increased tone/spastic/hyperreflexic
Lhermittes sign (tingling on neck flex)
Little finger dysesthesia/numbness
Long tract signs
Loss position sense/postural sense
Morning headaches
Nocturnal Headache
Opponens weakness, hand
Poor coordination legs/feet
Poor head control/infant
Segmental/areflexia upper extremity
Signs shoulder girdle/LM neuron disease
Spasms in Neck
Spastic paraplegia/signs
Spurling/Foraminal Compression Positive Sign
Staggering Gait
Stiff neck/Nuchal rigidity
Triceps reflex decreased bilateral
Triceps reflex/decreased unilateral
Weak lower extremities
Acute Back Pain
Back Pain
Back Pain on Percussion/Spine
Back/Spine/Axial Pain
Cervical spine/neck limited motion
Chronic Back Pain
Loss of extension/cervical spine
Neck and Arm Pain
Neck and upper back musculoskeletal pain
Neck arthritis syndrome/signs
Neck pain
Neck Pain on Movement
Neck Pain Positional Changes Mechanical
Neck/Shoulder pain/stiffness
Scapular area pain
Shoulder pain
Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain
Stiffness upper limb girdle
Lateral Throat Neck Pain
Neck/throat pain/anterior
Urinary Incontinence in Elderly
Urine Incontinence
Urine Retention Signs
Difficulty raising arms
Nocturnal awakenings Events Phenomenon
Pains Worse in the Evening
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only