Disease Information for Spinal Meningioma: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Chest Pain
Hyperhidrosis/Chronic sweating excess
Anal sphincter/loss of tone/reflex
Bowel/Stool Incontinence
Constipation Children
Fecal Soiling in a Child
Leg cramps,nocturnal
Leg/lower extremity pains
Muscle spasticity
Twitchy/muscle spasms
Abdominal reflex decreased
Absent deep tendon reflexes
Active reflexes
Anesthetic hypesthetic limbs/areas
Ankle reflexes increased
Babinski's upgoing toes/bilateral
Bilateral abdominal reflex decreased
Clonus/bilateral ankle (sustained)
CNS symptoms/signs
Early flaccid paraplegia late spastic paraplegia/sign
Gait disturbance/abnormality
Hyperreflexia/DTRs increased
Knee reflexes increased
Leg reflexes increased
Legs increased resistance/passive stretch
Legs increased tone/spastic/hyperreflexic
Long tract signs
Myeloradiculopathy presentation/signs
Neurologic manifestations/signs
Position sense decreased/proprioception
Position sense decreased/proprioception Legs
Pyramidal tract signs
Sensory loss/lower body/cord level
Spasms in Both Legs
Spinal cord level lesion/signs
Sweat loss cord level
Unable to walk
Vibratory sense decreased
Chest pain/non-cardiac
Shallow breathing
Acute Back Pain
Back Pain
Back Pain on Percussion/Spine
Back Pain Young Adult
Back/Spine/Axial Pain
Chronic Back Pain
Dorsal Spine Pain
Dorsal spine/spinous process tender/painful
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain in Children
Low Back Pain in Elderly
Mid-back pain
Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain
Upper back/bilateral shoulder pain
Bed wetting
Overflow incontinence
Poor Bladder Emptying in Children
Urinary incontinence in Children
Urinary Incontinence in Elderly
Urine Incontinence
Urine Retention Signs
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Back pain Hyperreflexia Incontinence
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only