Disease Information for Septic Acromioclavicular Arthritis/Pyogenic: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Paroxysmal Shivering
Rigors/Shaking chills
Teeth Chattering
Uncontrollable Shaking
Low Blood Pressure
Signs of Poor Perfusion
Tachycardia/Fast heart rate
Regional adenopathy
Tender adenopathy/unilateral
Arm/shoulder weakness (symptom)
Station change adjustment/infant poor
Anterior shoulder pain
Arthralgias Polyarthralgias
Arthritis with Fever
Asymmetric Oligoarthropathy
Bone Pains
Hot Joint
Joint deformities
Joint effusion
Joint exam/signs
Joint inflammation signs
Joint pain/with use
Joint Pains
Joint pains Arthralgias in Children
Joint redness/warmth
Joint Swelling
Joint/limit range of motion
Limitation motion/elbow
Monoarticular Arthritis in Children
Monoarticular Arthritis in Elderly
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Neck and Arm Pain
Neck/Shoulder pain/stiffness
Non-localized shoulder area pain
Oligoarthritis syndrome/signs
Severe/'angry' looking joint inflammation
Shoulder arthritis signs/symptoms
Shoulder forward flexion pain/weakness
Shoulder limitation/motion
Shoulder limited abduction
Shoulder pain
Shoulder swelling
Single Joint Pain
Superior Shoulder Pain
Tender/painful lateral shoulder
Warm Joint
Acute sepsis syndrome
Acutely ill patient/signs
Constitutional symptoms
Fever Febrile Possible
Fever in kids
Fever in kids Under 3
Fever, high
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Toxic and Febrile Septic
Typical Clinical Presentation
SBI/Systemic bacterial infection child
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Fulminant Sepsis Prostration
Presentation/Toddler Acute fever Toxic Pallor Lethargic
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Fever and High Sed Rate
Disease Progression
Course/Acute only
Course/Severe illness