Disease Information for Psoriatic arthritis: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Buttock Pain
Auspitz pin-point bleeding areas/lesion
Finger Lesions
Isomorphic Skin Trauma Response
Knee/elbow skin lesions
Koebner phenomenon/post-mechanical stimulation/rash lesion
Longitudinal grooved nails
Nails hypoplastic/dysplastic
Nails pitting
Papulosquamous Lesion
Papulosquamous rash
Plaque/silvery scales lesions/red base
Pruritis Itching
Rash, chronic/Dermatitis
Finger tightness/thickening/swelling
Fingers/spindle shaped
Hip Inner Thigh Pain
Inflammatory Finger Lesion
Toe pains
Acute Back Pain
Ankle arthritis signs/symptoms
Ankle Pain
Ankle swelling/unilateral
Arthralgias Polyarthralgias
Arthritis and weight loss
Arthritis Children
Arthritis with rash/dermatitis
Asymmetric arthritis/multiple joints
Asymmetric Oligoarthropathy
Back Pain
Back Pain on Percussion/Spine
Back/Spine/Axial Pain
Bilateral Heel Pain
Bilateral knee effusions
Bilateral knee pains
Chronic Back Pain
Crippling arthritis end-stage/signs
Distal interphalageal joint arthritis
Foot arthritis, bilateral
Hip Pain
Hot Joint
Joint deformities
Joint effusion
Joint exam/signs
Joint inflammation signs
Joint Pains
Joint pains Arthralgias in Children
Joint pains Arthralgias in Elderly
Joint redness/warmth
Joint Swelling
Joint/limit range of motion
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain in Elderly
Metatarsophalangeal arthritis/signs
Monoarticular Arthritis in Elderly
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Multiple Joint Arthritis
Oligoarthritis syndrome/signs
Pelvic girdle pain
Polyarticular Joint Pain
Sacrum area back pain
Shober Lumbar spine mobility test/abnormal
Single Joint Pain
Skeletal problems/symptoms/signs
Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain
Symmetric low back pain
Warm Joint
Wrist pain
Chronically ill patient/signs
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Arthritis With Eye Signs
Presentation/Arthritis Fever Rash
Presentation/Knees Hips Shoulder Spine Involvement
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only