Disease Information for Poliomyelitis, paralytic, bulbar: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
High blood pressure child
High blood pressure/sign
Systolic hypertension/diastolic normal
Dysphagia for solids
Dysphagia Liquids
Dysphagia Progressive
Dysphagia Swallowing Difficulties
Unable to swallow
Glossoptosis/Swallowing tongue
Acute Motor Weakness
Cranial nerve distribution/muscle weakness
Flaccid jaw
Muscle fasciculations
Muscle weakness
CNS symptoms/signs
Cranial nerve abnormalities/involvement/signs
Flaccid muscle paralysis
Jaw jerk decreased
Lower motor neuron lesion/signs
Multifocal neurologic deficit/signs
Nasal speech/regurgitation
Obtunded/poorly responsive status/signs
Paralysis tongue/Aphasia/Aphonia
Slurred speech
Slurred Speech/Acute
Slurred speech/Chronic
Spares sensory modalities/exam
Tripod sign/poliomyelitis
Apnea In Children
Apnea In Infants/Newborn
Dyspnea on exertion
Hypoventilation Signs
Respiratory excursions decreased
Shallow breathing
Shortness of breath/SOB
Sudden onset dyspnea
Garbled/nasal sounding voice
Nasal/Hyponasal sound to voice
Pooling saliva pharynx/sign
Stridor (Inspiratory noise)
Stridor infant Child
Voice Alteration
Voice Alteration in Children
Voice Alteration in Elderly
Voice change/disturbance/Unusual
Urine Retention Signs
Constitutional symptoms
Ptosis, unilateral (blepharoptosis)
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Infection Complication Cardiac Severe
Disease Progression
Course/Acute only
Course/Lethal possible/not usual