Disease Information for Pneumonia of newborn: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Physical Exam Always Abnormal
Brown stained amniotic fluid
Low birth weight/newborn/SGA/Small for gestational age
Anorexia in Infant
Failure to Thrive
Failure to Thrive Child
Failure to thrive/infant sign
Feeding/Apetite Problems Child
Weight loss in Children
Febrile seizure/children
Infant Seizures
Seizures Newborn
Station change adjustment/infant poor
Acute Cough in Children
Apnea In Infants/Newborn
Consolidation left base/signs
Consolidation right base/on exam
Cough Relentless Severe Acute
Cyanosis Child
Cyanosis Newborn
Dullness to percussion lung base
Fremitus Vocal or Tactile Local increased
Inspiratory gasp Coughing Infant
Irregular Respirations/Dyskinesia
Localized dullness to percussion
Lung signs/abnormality
Pulmonary Crackles
Rales Rhonchi localized
Rapid Breathing
Rhonchi/coarse rales
Signs of consolidation/chest
Sputum production
Sternal retractions/newborn
Tachypnea/Increased respiratory rate
Unilateral Rales
Acute sepsis syndrome
Acutely ill patient/signs
Fever Febrile Possible
Fever in kids
Fever in kids Under 3
Fever, high
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Toxic and Febrile Septic
Weight Loss
Typical Clinical Presentation
SBI/Systemic bacterial infection child
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Anemia in Children
Presentation/Fulminant Sepsis Prostration
Presentation/Toddler Acute fever Toxic Pallor Lethargic
PVT/Anemia in an Infant
Disease Progression
Course/Acute only
Course/Severe illness