Disease Information for Neuroblastoma: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Facial bruise/ecchymosis
Lateral Neck Mass
Neck Mass
Acute Chest Pain
Acute Chest Pain in Children
Chest Pain
Chest Pain in Children
High blood pressure child
High blood pressure/sign
Excess Sweating Children
Facial erythema
Facial flushing/Beet red
Hyperhidrosis/Chronic sweating excess
Skin nodules/Subcutaneous nodules
Subcutaneous nodules
Sweating Excess Perspiration
Abdominal Mass
Abdominal Mass in Children
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain in Children
Acute Diarrhea
Acute Diarrhea in Children
Anorexia in Children
Chronic Diarrhea in a Child
Diarrhea and Weight Loss
Diarrhea in Children
Dysphagia Swallowing Difficulties
Epigastric mass
Failure to Thrive
Failure to Thrive Child
Mass in Mid-Abdomen
Protruberant Abdomen
Weight loss in Children
Lymphadenopathy Systemic
Hepatic Mass
Hepatic Mass/child
Liver Mass
Palpable Liver/Hepatomegaly
Muscle weakness
Cerebellar movement disorder/signs
Irritability/short tempered
Limb Ataxia
Respiratory distress
Back Pain
Bone Pains
Monoarticular Arthritis in Children
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Constitutional symptoms
Fever Febrile Possible
Fever in kids
Fever of unknown origin/chronic fever
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Weight Loss
Dark circles/allergic shiners/eyes
Eye myoclonus/opsoclonus
Miosis/narrow pupils
Opsoclonus/chaotic eye movements
Ptosis (blepharoptosis)
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Potentially lethal/untreated
Course/Spontaneous remission possible
Lethal Potential
Onset childhood/young adult/twenties