Disease Information for Metastatic bone disease: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Buttock Pain
Chest Pain
Anorexia in Elderly
Diffuse Aches and Pains
Hip Inner Thigh Pain
Pain in Extremities/Melalgias
Paravertebral muscle spasms/back
Thigh pain
Chest pain, lateral, dull, aching
Chest Wall Pain
Chest wall tenderness
Left anterior chest pain
Rib tenderness
Acute Back Pain
Back Pain
Back Pain on Percussion/Spine
Back Pain Severe
Back Pain Visceral
Back pain/low unilateral
Back pain/relentless
Back/Spine/Axial Pain
Bone Pains
Chronic Back Pain
Hip Pain
Hip Pain In a Child
Iliac Crest Pain/Tenderness
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain in Elderly
Low back pain, unrelieved by rest
Lumbosacral Pain
Mid-back pain
Neck pain
Nocturnal back pain
Nocturnal bone pain
Pelvic girdle pain
Sacrum area back pain
Single Joint Pain
Skull bony swelling
Spinal/Spinal process/tenderness
Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain
Upper Back Pain
Upper back/bilateral shoulder pain
Chronically ill patient/signs
Difficulty rising from chair
Exquisite pain on movement of the bed
Nocturnal awakenings Events Phenomenon
Patient in severe pain
Total body pain/truncal/extremities
Weight Loss
Typical Clinical Presentation
Presentation/Fractures Pathologic Minimal Trauma
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Fever and High Sed Rate
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only
Course/Prognosis bad/usually