Disease Information for MCAD/Medium chain OH-CoA Dehydrogenase def: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Hyperextensable Joints Infant
Anorexia in Infant
Failure to Thrive
Failure to Thrive Child
Failure to thrive/infant sign
Fasting intolerant
Feeding/Apetite Problems Child
Vomiting in infancy
Vomiting recurrent
Tongue Protrudes Infant
Palpable Liver/Hepatomegaly
Delay Sitting Unsupported Infant
Mouth Hangs Open Infant
Muscles Soft/Doughy Infant
Rolling Over Delay Infant
Babkin infant sign/Abnormal
Delayed speech/language development
Delayed walking milestone/child
Development Motor Skills (Milestones) Delayed
Developmental milestones delayed
Galant Infant reflex/Abnormal
Head Neck Floppy Infant Hypotonia Sign
Infant Head Support Delay
Infant Seizures
Moro reflex Poor/Absent Infant
Palmar Grasp infant Reflex Abnormal
Primitive infant reflexes/Abnormal
Rooting infant sign/Abnormal
Seizures Newborn
Slow Motor Development
Swimming infant reflex/Abnormal
Tonic Neck Infant reflex/Abnormal
Shallow Breathing Infant
Episodic symptoms/events
Near death experience/infant/SIDS survivor
Spells/Episodes of weakness
Sudden death of an infant
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Non diabetic Ketoacidosis Kids infants
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only