Disease Information for Diabetes mellitus: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Decreased peripheral pulses
Delayed/poor wound healing
Dry skin/scaling dry skin
Foot Lesion Ulcerating
Furuncles present
Leukonychia/white nails
Paronychium/swelling nail/finger
Poor healing of cuts
Pruritis Itching
Recurrent paronychium/sign
Semilunar nail zone large/Terry nails
Terry's Nails/Whitening
Yellow skin discoloration
Delayed adolescence/secondary sex changes
Delayed female adolescence
Delayed male adolescence/pubescence
Excess Thirst in Children
Excess Thirst in Elderly
Large baby/birth weight increased
Impotence, relative
Abdominal Pain
Anorexia in Infant
Appetite increased
Chronic Diarrhea in a Child
Constipation Children
Diarrhea in Children
Diarrhea, chronic
Diarrhea, nocturnal/movement in night
Excessive thirst/polydipsia
Failure to Thrive
Failure to Thrive Child
Failure to thrive/infant sign
Feeding/Apetite Problems Child
Increased abdominal girth/Potbelly
Rectal pruritis
Sweet tooth appetite
Vomiting in Children
Weight loss good appetite
Weight loss in Children
Weight loss in Elderly
Dry mouth/Mucous membranes
Parotid swelling
Salivary Gland Enlargement
Palpable Liver/Hepatomegaly
Yellow skin/white sclera
Weak/Weak as a kitten (symptom)
Absent knee reflexes
Anesthetic hypesthetic limbs/areas
Burning feet
Cranial nerve abnormalities/involvement/signs
Glove/stocking hypesthesia
Hyporeflexia/DTRs decreased
Motor and sensory neuropathy/Polyneuropathy signs
Weakness/Diffuse motor loss
Cheesy/whitish vaginal discharge
Vulva itching
Palmar chieropathy/prayer sign
Tall child
Anosmia/Loss of sense of smell
Decreased sense of smell
Diuresis/Large urine volumes
Nocturia in Children
Nocturia in Elderly
Polyuria and polydipsia
Urinary incontinence in Children
Urine Frequency
Chronic Fatigue
Chronically ill patient/signs
Endomorph habitus
Enervated/extreme acute fatigue
Episodic symptoms/events
Failure to Thrive/Adult
Fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion
Fatigue Tiredness in Elderly
Nocturnal water drinking
Premature Aging
Spells/Episodes of weakness
Thirst Increased
Truncal obesity
Water drinking increased
Weakness non-neuromuscular/systemic
Weight gain
Weight Loss
Blurred Cloudy Vision
Cornea Hypesthesia/Anesthesia
Cornea Insensitive
Decreasing visual acuity
Difficulty Focusing Eyes
Dimming vision/acute
Diplopia Double vision
Eye symptoms/signs
Iridoplegia/spared accomodation reflex
Night blindness/Impaired night vision
Retinal exudates
Retinopathy signs on exam
Visual acuity decreasing
Calcification/pinna cartilage/sign
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Progressive Motor Sensory Polyneuropathy
Presentation/Recurrent pneumonia Child
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only
Course/Life-span decreased