Disease Information for Carpal tunnel syndrome: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Local paresthesias
Arm Pain
Arm pain at rest
Distal Muscle Weakness
Distal upper extremity weakness
Finger Pain
Hand pain and swelling/unilateral
Hand pain/numbness relieved by shaking
Hand Pains
Hand/middle three digits/palmar pain
Hand/Wrist Pain Unilateral
Hand/wrists induration/pain/edema
Nocturnal hand pains
Pain in Extremities/Melalgias
Painful/finger tips
Phalens carpal tunnels sign
Puffy wrists
Swelling hands/morning
Thenar muscle wasting
Thickened flexor/volar wrist
Tinels carpal tunnel sign
Unilateral arm swelling
Unilateral Arm Swelling in Elderly
Unilateral arm symptoms
Unilateral Forearm Pain
Unilateral Hand Pain
Unilateral Palmar Pain
Upper extremity pains
Weak hand grip
Weakness And Pain Forearm
Arm pain/stinger type (epicritic/trauma)
Dropping things
Grip strength decreased
Hypesthesia hand/Middle fingers
Numbness one hand
Opponens weakness, hand
Weak Opponens/thumb index finger sign
Wrist shaking at night/for relief
Distal Hyperlaxity
Hand pain and swelling bilateral
Wrist pain
Wrist pain and swelling
Wrist Pain and Swelling/Bilateral
Nocturnal awakenings Events Phenomenon
Pain attacks/with triggers
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only