Disease Information for .Cardiovascular CLINICAL attribute list: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
PMI Displaced Lateral
Engorged scalp veins
Forehead/prominent veins
Dilatation/superficial breast veins
A2 greater than P2 in child
A2 late
Abdominal thrill
Abnormal Heart Sounds
Abnormal Heart Sounds/Child
Accentuated A2 sound/cardiac
Accentuated fourth heart sound/S4
Accentuated S1 heart sound
Acute Chest Pain
Acute Chest Pain in Children
Acute Chest Pain in Elderly
Amyl nitrate decreases murmur
Amyl nitrate increases murmur
Angina/more than 20 minute pain/persistent
Anterior chest pain to trapezius ridge
Anterior chest pain/radiates left trapezius
Aortic systolic murmur
Apical heart impulse/medial displacement
Apical impulse absent
Apical impulse,heart/lateral displacement
Apical pulse prominent
Arm claudication
Arrhythmia signs/irregular pulse
Arteriosclerotic facies/bald/mesomoph/sign
Ashen look
Attenuated A2 sound/late
Axillary Bruit
Axillary venous claudication, variable
Basal systolic murmur/increased on inspiration
Beck's triad Hypotension Heart sounds faint JVD)
Bifid/rapid rise carotid pulse
Bigeminal rhythm
Bilateral leg edema/swelling
Bilateral severe leg edema
Bilateral thigh edema
Bitemporal swellings/fullness
Bitemporal tenderness/soreness
Bounding pulse
Brachial pulse decreased
Bradycardia of about 30 beats/min
Brief Blood pressure increase/sign:
Brisk Carotid Upstroke
Bruit of forehead
Bruit, chest
Bruit, femoral
Bruit, popliteal
Bruit, supraclavicular
Capillary pulse/Quinke's sign
Cardiac apical heave
Cardiac auscultation/abnormal
Cardiac heave,rocking type
Cardiac heave/right parasternal
Cardiac Symptoms/Signs
Cardiomegaly/Heart dilatation
Carotid Corrigan's pulse
Carotid double pulse/right/Nissim sign
Central chest pain relieved leaning forward
Central chest pain to left arm
Cervical venous pressure increased sign
Changing heart murmurs
Chest Pain
Chest pain effected by position (central)
Chest Pain in Children
Chest pain to throat
Chest pain worse supine
Chest pain, substernal/midline
Chest pain/radiating to left shoulder
Child/Extremities cold/pale often cyanosed
Chronic hypotension
Click murmur,systolic
Cold-weather chest pain/exacerbation
Cole-Cecil left chest murmur/AI type
Crushing Chest Pain
Crushing Substernal Chest Pain
Cyanosis on standing quickly
Cyanosis with valsalva/episode
Cyanotic toes/fingers normal
Decreased peripheral pulses
Decreased S4 Heart Sound
Delayed P2/late
Delayed/small carotid upstroke/sign
Diastolic sounds/knocks
Digital pallor/vasospasm
Dilated arm veins/bilateral
Dissecting thoracic aneurysm pain
Distended neck veins
Dizzy on Standing/Giddy Response
Dorsalis pedis pulse decreased
Double apical impulse
Double Duroziez murmur/femoral pulse
Ejection click/systolic
Epigastric apical impulse
Epigastric bruit
Exercise induced murmur/systolic mitral
Exercise/increased ectopy
Exertional chest pain/relief with rest
Exertional syncope/presyncope
Expiratory splitting of second sound
Extracardiac sound
Falling blood pressure/progessive/signs
Fast Constant Heart Rate 150-170
Femoral pulse decreased
First heart sound decreased/S1
Fixed split second sound at base
Fluid retention/Mild edema
Focal systolic pulse/sternum
Friction rub, pericardial
Gallop rhythms
Gallop,atrial or S4
Gallop,Ventricular/S3 Sound
Gray cyanosis/sign
Hand grip/decreases heart murmur
Hand grip/increases heart murmur
Head nod/DeMusset sign/pulse pressure
Heart border dullness increased
Heart murmur
Heart murmur/decreased supine-leg elevate
Heart murmur/increased supine-leg elevate
Heart murmur/radiates to back
Heart murmur/squatting increase
Heart rate >200
Heart size/percussion decreased
Heart sounds loud/heard across the room
Heart 'spells'
Hepatojugular reflux
High blood pressure/sign
Holodiastolic left sternal border murmur
Holosystolic murmur
Homans' sign
Hyperdynamic circulatory status/signs
Hypotension with Relative Bradycardia
Inadequate reflex heart rate increase/standing/sign
Interscapular/dorsal spine bruit
Irregular rhythm/heartbeat
Irregularly irregular rhythm
Isometric hand grip/decreases AS murmur
Jugular VD increases with Inspiration
Jugular veins distended/30 degrees upright
Jugular Veins Increased Volume
Jugular Venous Distension
Jugular venous pressure increased
Kussmaul Positive/Pulses Paradoxicus Negative
Kussmaul venous pressure/Increases on inspiration/paradox
Left heart border/displaced left/percussion
Left parasternal thrust/pulmonic area
Left ventricular heave/Apical thrust sign
Leg claudication
Loud heartbeat/Forceful beat
Loud S2 heart sound/sign
Midsystolic spindle shaped heart murmur
Mitral stenosis/with insufficiency murmurs
Muffled heart sounds
Murmur,left sternal border systolic
Murmur,mitral insufficiency type
Murmur,tricuspid insufficiency
Murmur/amyl nitrate increased
Murmur/decreased after PVC
Murmur/inspiration increases sound/Carvallo's sign
Nailfold capillary/giant loops sign
Neck pulsations/venous pressure
Neck/Carotid bruits
Necrosis/nose tip/extremities signs
New heart murmurs
Nocturnal angina/heart patient/complaint
Non-Pleuritic Chest Pain
Opening snap on exam
Orthostatic drop in blood pressure
Ortners sign/Hoarsness large pulmonary artery
P2 delayed and soft
P2 increased/P2 Greater than A2 (adult)
P2 sound accentuated
P2 sound diminished
Pain relief leaning forward/central chest
Palpitations/Skipped beats
Paradoxical pulse/Pulses paradoxicus
Paradoxical splitting of S2 sound
Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
Pericardial Knock/early diastolic
Pericardial knock/increased squatting
Pistol shot/Traube's sign/femoral pulse
Pleuropericardial friction rub
Popliteal pulse decreased
Posterior tibial pulse decreased
Post-exercise/loss dorsalis pedis pulse
Postural color changes extremities
Precordial Knock
Precordial Systolic Thrill
Precordial thrill
Presystolic heart murmur/mitral stenosis/sign
Progressive cardiac enlargement/cardiomegaly/sign
Prolonged ejection time/sign
Pulmonic ejection click
Pulmonic insufficiency murmur
Pulmonic scratch (Means-Lerman)
Pulmonic systolic murmur
Pulsatile Mass Anterior Lateral Neck
Pulsations/Lower sternum/epigastrium
Pulse decreased/carotid
Pulse pressure decreased/narrow/Parvus pulse
Pulse pressure/wide
Pulse wave/dicrotic/notched
Pulse, thready
Pulsus alternans
Pulsus parvus/tardus
Quiet heart/soft sounds/distant
Radial pulse Decreased/Absent
Regional pallor/vasospasm
Regular Rhythm Tachycardia
Relative Bradycardia with Fever (Fagets sign)
Relief of chest pain/nitroglycerine
Right chest cardiac heave/parasternal lift
Right heart border/right displaced/sign
Right sided S4 gallop
Right ventricular heave
Right ventricular S3 gallop
Right-sided parasternal AI murmur radiation
Sansom/Murmur/closed lips/Thoracic aneurysm/sign
Second heart sound single
Signs of phlebitis in leg
Slow pulse/Bradycardia
Split S2 Heart sound
Squatting child/Heart disease sign
Squatting decrease/heart murmur
Standing increases systolic click
Subclavian bruit
Summation gallop/right ventricle
Supine hypertension/effect/sign
Systolic click
Systolic crunch/mediastinal air (Hammans)
Systolic hypertension/diastolic normal
Systolic knock
Systolic thrill/left second intercostal space
Tachycardia/Fast heart rate
Tachycardia/no change with respiration
Temporal artery decreased/absent pulse
Temporal artery pain/tenderness
Temporal artery swelling
Temporal artery/swelling, inflammation
Thigh claudication
Third Heart Sound/S3 prominent
Thrill basal/precordial sign
Thrill/left lower sternal border/sternal
Transient mitral insufficiency murmur
Transient/S3 gallop with chest pain
Transmission P2 to cardiac apex
Trigeminal rhythm
Unequal radial pulses/decreased one side
Unilateral livedo reticularis/extremity
Valsalva decreases heart murmur
Valsalva increases heart murmur
Vasospasm of extremities/Signs
Warm shock syndrome
Water wheel sound/cardiac auscultation
Cold clammy skin
Dependent purpura/sign
Diaphoresis profuse/active sweating/acute
Extensor surface xanthomata/clusters
Flushing/upper body
Loss of hair on toes
Mottled legs
Prominent venous plexus/cutaneous
Rash/upper chest spreads downward
Walzel Sign/Livedo Reticularis Abdomen
Absent/lost fetal heart sounds
Lack of fetal heart/tones
Abdominal bruit
Abdominal venous engorgement/collaterals
Chest discomfort/after eating/eating fast
Epigastric pain/unrelieved by antacid
Exercise related abdominal pain
Lower jaw pain
Pulsatile uvula/AI sign (Muller sign)
Throat pain/radiates to teeth/jaw
Chest/truncal venous distension
Hepatic bruit/sign
Liver smooth enlarged
Palpable Liver/Hepatomegaly
Pulsatile liver/AI sign (Rosenbach sign)
Arm Pain
Brawny edema extremity
Cold hands/fingers and toes
Cool extremities
Cyanotic extremity
Cyanotic foot/leg
Discolored lower extremity/petechiae/ecchymoses/Sign
Edema, lower extremity (leg) , unilateral
Elbow pain radiating to chest
Extremity pale/cold/numb/painful
Foot/leg cold/pale/numb/painful/sign
Leg claudication walking/NOT running
Leg Pain with Exercise
Leg pain/valsalva increase corrected/proximal compression
Thoracic costoclavicular maneuver sign/positive
Thoracic outlet hyperabduction sign/positive
Unilateral arm swelling
Unilateral Arm Swelling in Elderly
Unilateral leg swelling
Unilateral upper extremity/ischemia signs/symptoms
Upper extremity pains
Weak/Weak as a kitten (symptom)
Worse With Arm Exertion/Use
Bruit of head/skull
Syncope/near-syncope with arm use
Pulsatile cervix/AI sign (Shelley sign)
Basal rales, unilateral
Bibasilar rales/CHF signs
Bilateral supraclavicular pain
Chest pain exacerbated on deep breathing
Chest pain, lateral, dull, aching
Chest pain/radiating to back
Chest pain/worse with neck stretch
Chest pains/recurrent/chronic
Chest tightness/breathing response
Chest Wall Pain
Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Contracted chest/newborn
Cough Exertional
Decreased AP diameter/chest
Dyspnea at rest
Dyspnea on exertion
Dyspnea, chronic progressive
Dyspnea/upright position/platypnea
Ewarts sign/left lung base egophony
Exertional cyanosis
Inspiratory central chest pain
Labored breathing
Left anterior chest pain
Localized decreased breath sounds
Lung signs/abnormality
Nocturnal apnea/irregular breathing
Nocturnal wheezing
Periodic breathing/apnea episodes
Postprandial dyspnea
Rales Rhonchi localized
Rales, basilar
Rales,fine dry diffuse
Rapid Breathing
Recurrent dyspnea/episodes
Rhonchi/coarse rales
Shortness of breath/SOB
Sudden onset dyspnea
Tachypnea/Increased respiratory rate
Tightness/chest on deep breathing/restrictive
Unilateral Rales
Arthritis and Heart murmur
Arthritis with Fever
Bilateral elbow pain
Bilateral shoulder pain
Low Back Pain Worse with Cough Valsalva or Strain
Neck Pain Worse with Cough or Valsalva
Pulsatile Sternoclavicular Joint
Shoulder pain
Shoulder pain/left
Valsalva Cough increases Back Pain
Nasal mucosa pulsating blood vessels/AI sign (Bozzolo)
Nocturnal choking/SOB episodes
Tracheal diastolic shock/sign
Tracheal tug/sign (Oliver)
Diuresis/Large urine volumes
Oliguria/Decreased urine output
Renal artery bruit
Pulsatile Spleen AI sign (Gerhardt sign)
Apprehensive patient/sign
Cold clammy pale status
Cold intolerance
Decreased exercise tolerance/effort fatigue
Enervated/extreme acute fatigue
Episodic symptoms/events
Exertion intolerance
Exertion/physical stress relapse/illness/complaint
Falling/in the elderly/complaint
Mesomorph habitus
Nocturnal awakenings Events Phenomenon
Pale with profuse sweating
Poor Stamina
Spells/Episodes of weakness
Vasovagal activation/parasympathetic tone/Signs
Weakness/wooziness/standing quickly
Arterial narrowing/retina
Hypertensive retinopathy signs
Lipemia retinalis
Pulsatile exophothalmos/sign
Pulsatile pupil/AI sign (Landolfi sign)
Bluish/red ear lobe inflammation/sign
Ear lobe crease/Emperor Hadrian sign
Hair in external ear canal/sign
Pulsatile ear lobes/venous pressure
Pulsatile tinnitus
Typical Clinical Presentation
Presentation/Coronary Heart Disease Young Age
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Warfarin Insensitivity Tolerance
Presentation/Abrupt shock Fever Rash Young Woman
Presentation/Angina worse
Presentation/Arteriosclerosis Young Age
Presentation/Beck's triad Neck veins Distant heart Shock
Presentation/Cardiac Arthritis Neurologic Involvement
Presentation/Cardiac Defibrillation Difficult Failure
Presentation/Congenital Heart Disease in Adults
Presentation/Congestive heart failure Child
Presentation/Congestive Heart Failure Normal heart size
Presentation/Deep Vein Thrombosis Young Recurrent
Presentation/Endocarditis Cultures neg Immune defect
Presentation/High BP Low HR Dilated pupils
Presentation/Hypertension Abrupt Onset
Presentation/Hypertension Hypokalemia
Presentation/Hypertension Resistant to treatment
Presentation/Infection Complication Cardiac Severe
Presentation/Infective Endocarditis Unusual agent Male
Presentation/Large Pericardial Effusion
Presentation/Malignant Hypertension Without Retinopathy
Presentation/Myocardial Infarction in a Child
Presentation/Pallid Syncope Child
Presentation/Rebound Hypertension after Drug Stopped
Presentation/Recurrent Pericarditis
Presentation/Refractory Congestive Heart Failure
Presentation/Shock Normal Heart Rate
Presentation/Thrombophlebitis Hereditary Recurrent
Presentation/Liver Pancreas Heart Endocrine Involvement
Presentation/Pulmonary Embolism Recurrent
Presentation/Wheeze Cough Dyspnea Adult
Presentation/Wheeze Cough Dyspnea Infant
Presentation/Arthritis Fever Rash Heart murmur Young
Presentation/Joints Vessels CNS GI Mucosa Genitals