Disease Information for Behcet's Disease: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Acute Chest Pain
Acute Chest Pain in Elderly
Chest Pain
Acne on Arms and Legs
Cutaneous ulcer/Skin ulcer
Follicular rash
Genital rash/lesion
Hyperpathia phenomenon (venipuncture inf)
Isomorphic Skin Trauma Response
Koebner phenomenon/post-mechanical stimulation/rash lesion
Mucocutaneous Lesions
Mucocutaneous rash/signs
Nodular rash with ulcer/necrosis/scarring effect
Painful skin ulcer
Papulopustular Rash
Perineal Rash
Pustular rash/Pustules
Rash oral/anal/vulval areas
Skin lesions
Skin pathergy/needle stick/sterile pustule/erythema
Skin trauma sensitive
Vesicobullous rash/lesions in Children
Vesicobullous rashes
Erosive lesion on glans
Genital Erosions
Genital Skin Lesions
Oral-genital ulcers
Painful genital ulcers/male
Painful lesion on penis
Penile lesion
Penis Rash
Penis ulcer/lesion
Scrotal lesions/ulcerative
Scrotal Ulcer
Urethral discharge in Elderly Male
Abdominal Pain
Diarrhea and Weight Loss
Diarrhea, chronic
Perianal rash
Perianal/Anal ulcers
Periumbilical Pain in Elderly
STOOL Mucus excess
Buccal ulcers
Gingival exudate
Gingival Tenderness Pain
Gingival ulcer
Oral lesion/ulcer
Oral Mucosal Erosive Lesions
Oral Mucosal Punctate Lesions
Oral Ulcers in Elderly
Oral ulcers yellow/red borders
Oral Vesicles
Oral/pharyngeal slough/blisters/mucositis
Painful oral ulcers
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis/sign
Sore Gums
Sore/Painful mouth
Stomatitis Blisters/blebs
Tongue Ulcer
Ulcerative stomatitis
Altered mental status Mental status change
CNS symptoms/signs
Cognitive defect
Confusion/agitation on exam
Impaired judgement/signs
Stiff neck/Nuchal rigidity
Stroke Syndrome Child
Stroke syndrome/signs
Sudden unconsciousness
Genital lesions, female/Signs
Painful coitus or dyspareunia
Painful genital ulcers/female
Painful Vaginal Sore/Ulcer
Painless vulva/vaginal ulcers
Red Vulva Lesion
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge in Elderly
Vaginal Discharge Leukorrhea
Vaginal/Vulva ulcers
Vulva Erosions
Vulva gray mucous patches
Vulva Lesion
Arthralgias Polyarthralgias
Arthritis and Diarrhea
Arthritis Children
Arthritis with Abdominal Pain
Arthritis with Fever
Joint Pains
Joint pains Arthralgias in Elderly
Joint Swelling
Large joint involvement/manifestation
Morning gel stiffness
Multiple Joint Arthritis
Polyarticular Joint Pain
Skeletal problems/symptoms/signs
Nasopharyngeal ulcerations
Sore throat in Elderly
Sore throat/Pharyngitis
Sore Throat/Throat Pain
Throat Conditions
Dysuria in females
Genital Sore/Ulcer
Urethral discharge/drip, male
Chronic Fatigue
Chronically ill patient/signs
Enervated/extreme acute fatigue
Fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion
Fever Febrile Possible
Fever, intermittant/recurrent
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Multisystem disease/signs
Oral/genital/ocular lesions/syndrome
Perineum scarring/ulcerating lesions
Acute Painful Vision Loss
Bloodshot eyes/Conjunctival injection
Blurred Cloudy Vision
Dimming vision/acute
Eye Pains, Bilateral
Eye symptoms/signs
Iritis with genital lesions/signs
Photophobia/Light sensitive
Red Eyes Bilateral
Scleral Injection
Visual acuity decreasing
Typical Clinical Presentation
Arthritis with Subcutaneous/Skin Nodules
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Thrombophlebitis Hereditary Recurrent
Presentation/Painful Leg Ulcer Chronic
Presentation/Behcets triad Oral ulcer Genital ulcer Uveitis
Presentation/Ulcers mouth Genital Anal Uveitis
Presentation/Recurrent Aseptic Meningitis
Arthritis With Eye Signs
Presentation/Joints Vessels CNS GI Mucosa Genitals
Fever and High Sed Rate
Presentation/Male Eye Genital Skin lesions
Disease Progression
Course/Attacks Episodic Spells
Course/Chronic disease crisis/flare/attacks
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only
Course/Lethal possible/not usual
Course/Potentially lethal/untreated
Course/Recurrent illness pattern
Course/Severe illness
Lethal Potential