Disease Information for Arthritis, gonococcal: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
Paroxysmal Shivering
Rigors/Shaking chills
Teeth Chattering
Uncontrollable Shaking
Tachycardia/Fast heart rate
Necrotic/pustular rash/extremities
Papulopustular Rash
Punctate necrotic rash extremities
Pustular rash/Pustules
Rash on palms and soles
Hip Inner Thigh Pain
High risk sexual behavior/unprotected promiscuous
Ankle arthritis signs/symptoms
Arthralgias Polyarthralgias
Arthritis with Fever
Arthritis with rash/dermatitis
Asymmetric Oligoarthropathy
Bilateral knee effusions
Bilateral knee pains
Hip Pain
Hot Joint
Joint effusion
Joint exam/signs
Joint inflammation signs
Joint Pains
Joint redness/warmth
Joint Swelling
Joint/limit range of motion
Knee arthritis, acute, unilateral
Knee effusion, large, unilateral
Knee effusion/Fluid on knee
Knee manifestation/involvement/secondary
Knee Pain
Knee Swelling
Large Synovial Effusion
Migratory polyarthritis syndrome
Monoarticular Arthritis in Elderly
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Multiple Joint Arthritis
Oligoarthritis syndrome/signs
Polyarticular Joint Pain
Severe/'angry' looking joint inflammation
Single Joint Pain
Warm Joint
Wrist arthritis/signs
Wrist pain
Acutely ill patient/signs
Constitutional symptoms
Fever Febrile Possible
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Clinical Presentation & Variations
presentation/Acute polyarthritis syndrome Days
Presentation/Arthritis Fever Rash
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Fever and High Sed Rate
Disease Progression
Course/Acute only