Disease Information for Aortic stenosis: Clinical Manifestations

Signs & Symptoms
PMI Displaced Lateral
A2 late
Abnormal Heart Sounds
Abnormal Heart Sounds/Child
Acute Chest Pain in Children
Amyl nitrate increases murmur
Aortic systolic murmur
Apical pulse prominent
Attenuated A2 sound/late
Cardiac apical heave
Cardiac auscultation/abnormal
Cardiac Symptoms/Signs
Cardiomegaly/Heart dilatation
Chest Pain
Chest Pain in Children
Chest pain releved by nitroglycerin
Chest pain, substernal/midline
Click murmur,systolic
Decreased peripheral pulses
Delayed/small carotid upstroke/sign
Ejection click/systolic
Exertional syncope/presyncope
Expiration increases heart murmur
Expiratory splitting of second sound
Gallop,atrial or S4
Hand grip/decreases heart murmur
Heart border dullness increased
Heart murmur
Heart murmur/increased supine-leg elevate
Heart murmur/squatting increase
Heart 'spells'
Left ventricular heave/Apical thrust sign
Low Blood Pressure
Murmur,basal systolic
Murmur,ejection type
Murmur,left sternal border systolic
Murmur/amyl nitrate increased
Murmur/harsh-rough quality
Murmur/increased after PVC
Neck/Carotid bruits
Non-Pleuritic Chest Pain
Orthopnea in Elderly
Palpitations/Skipped beats
Paradoxical splitting of S2 sound
Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
Postural Hypotension Non-neural
Precordial Knock
Precordial Systolic Thrill
Precordial thrill
Prolonged ejection time/sign
Pulse pressure decreased/narrow/Parvus pulse
Pulse wave/dicrotic/notched
Pulse, thready
Pulsus parvus/tardus
Second heart sound single
Single S2/late A2
Split S2 Heart sound
Systolic click
Systolic knock
Systolic murmur
Systolic murmur/spine and head radiation
Systolic thrill/left second intercostal space
Thrill basal/precordial sign
Thrill/left lower sternal border/sternal
Valsalva decreases heart murmur
Drop attacks
Dyspnea on exertion
Shortness of breath/SOB
Chronic Fatigue
Decreased exercise tolerance/effort fatigue
Enervated/extreme acute fatigue
Episodic symptoms/events
Exertion intolerance
Falling/in the elderly/complaint
Fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion
Poor Stamina
Spells/Episodes of weakness
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Congenital Heart Disease in Adults
Presentation/Congestive heart failure Child
Disease Progression
Heart Failure in Pregnancy