Disease Information for .attribute Muscle/Tendon/Fascia DIAGNOSTICS list

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Leg claudication
Bilateral Calf Pains
Leg cramps,nocturnal
Leg cramps/muscle spasm/pains
Leg Pain
Leg Pain with Exercise
Leg pain with exercise/persistent
Unilateral arm swelling
Unilateral Arm Swelling in Children
Unilateral Arm Swelling in Elderly
Unilateral leg swelling
Unilateral Leg swelling in Children
Unilateral Leg Swelling in Elderly
Soft tissue tumor/mass pelvis/child/sign
Leg length difference
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Enzyme Assay plasma/tissue/fibroblast abnormal
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Anti-MuSK antibodies (Muscle specific tyrosine kinase)
Anti-skeletal muscle antibody/Anti-striated muscle antibody (Lab)
Anti-Smooth muscle (actin) antibodies (Lab)
Aldolase, serum (Lab)
CPK/CK/Creatine kinase/Creatine phosphokinase (Lab)
Creatinine, serum (Lab)
URINE Creatinine
URINE Myoglobin
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
TEST/Tensilon test positive
TEST/Neostigmine test positive
BX/Skin/Dermis/fascia/eosinophiles fascia layer limit
BX/Fascia/bursal biopsy abnormal
BX/Muscle (ElectroMS) vacuoles/sworles
BX/Muscle Biopsy Abnormal
BX/Muscle Biopsy Collagen VI Immunolabeling
BX/Muscle biopsy enzyme assay abnormal
BX/Muscle biopsy/centralization of nuclei
BX/Muscle biopsy/Ceroid deposition
BX/Muscle biopsy/degeneration with regeneration fibers
BX/Muscle biopsy/denervation effect
BX/Muscle biopsy/Fascia thickened/inflammed
BX/Muscle biopsy/Fiber atrophy
BX/Muscle biopsy/Grouped atrophy/muscle motor units
BX/Muscle biopsy/Inclusion bodies
BX/Muscle biopsy/Increased interstitial tissue
BX/Muscle biopsy/Increased sarcolemma nuclei
BX/Muscle biopsy/inflammatory infiltrate/changes
BX/Muscle Biopsy/Intracellular xanthine crystals
BX/Muscle biopsy/Lipid droplets
BX/Muscle Biopsy/Loss striation/swelling
BX/Muscle biopsy/Lymphorrhages/aggregates
BX/Muscle Biopsy/Mitochondia striated muscle/Abnormal
BX/Muscle biopsy/muscle fiber degeneration
BX/Muscle biopsy/muscle fiber regeneration
BX/Muscle biopsy/Ribosome count low
BX/Muscle Biopsy/Vacuoles in muscle fibers
BX/Muscle Electronmicroscopy Abnormal
BX/Muscle Modified Gomoris trichrome stain/abnormal
BX/Muscle red ragged fibers
BX/Muscle/Cytochrome oxidase negative fibers
BX/Muscle/Immune complex on MG end-plate/cryostat
BX/Muscle/Non-uniform fiber size
BX/Muscle/Segmental necrosis/abortive regeneration
BX/Tendon biopsy/abnormal
PATH/Distal Myonecrosis/Myositis
PATH/Atypical smooth muscle cell infiltrates/hyperplasia
PATH/Lymphocytic infiltration/extraocular muscles
ElMG/BSAP/brief/small amplitude/potential
EMG/Abnormal findings
EMG/Botulism pattern
EMG/Botulism pattern (brief/low voltage)
EMG/Continuous activity
EMG/Decrementing responses/2-3 HZ stim
EMG/Denervation potentials
EMG/Divebomber decrescendo sound
EMG/Fibrillation potentials
EMG/Increase Amplitude/2X at 10 hz
EMG/Incremental Action potential increase
EMG/Inflammatory type
EMG/Insertional irritability
EMG/Low Amplitude/polyphasic waves
EMG/Marked variability motor unit potentials/shape
EMG/Muscular Dystrophic signs
EMG/Post-tetanic fasciculation
EMG/Rapid decrease evoked potential/on stimulation
EMG/Voluntary Motor unit potentials/High
EMG/Voluntary Motor Unit potentials/polyphasic
EMG/NCS CMAP (borderline compound muscle action potential)
EMG/NCS Reduced Motor Amplitudes
Xray/Air/gas in muscle/tendon/bursal areas
Xray/Calcified bursa/tendon
Xray/Muscle calcification
Xray/Soft tissue calcification/muscle/subcutaneous
Xray/Heel periostitis/achilles tendonitis
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications

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