Disease Information for .attribute Lymph/Nodes/Lymphatics DIAGNOSTICS list

Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Activated CD8/Suppressor lymphocytes finding (Lab)
Helper/suppressor T-cell ratio decreased (Lab)
Lymphocyte lipid vacuoles/smear (Lab)
Lymphocyte low/absent CD3/Normal NK (CD16) (Lab)
Lymphocyte phenotype/panel abnormal (Lab)
Lymphocyte/cerebriform nucleus/distinctive (Lab)
Lymphocyte/large projections/hairy cell (Lab)
Lymphocytes/TRAP histochemical stain positive (Lab)
Vacuolated lymphocytes/Lab
CSF CD4/CD8 lymphocyte ratio high
CSF Neutrophiles first then lymphocytes present
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Acute lymphopenia/transient
Atypical lymphocytes (Lab)
Lymphocytes (Lab)
Prolymphocytes (Lab)
T-cell/T8/suppressor cell (Lab)
T-lymphoctye/in-vitro/antigen stimulation abnl (Lab)
T-Lymphocyte culture/antigen MIH release/abn (Lab)
T-Lymphocytes/Blastogenesis/antigen challenge (Lab)
SYNOVIAL Lymphocytes
PLEURAL Lymphocytes
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Bronchopulmonary lavage CD4/CD8 lymphocyte ratio high
BX/Skin biopsy perivascular lymphocytes/plasma cells
BX/Skin biopsy/Lymphocytic infiltrate/sweat glands
BX/Thyroid Biopsy/Thyroid lymphocytic infiltrate
Bone marrow/Cleft nucleus pattern/large lymphocyte
Bone marrow/Increased lymphocytes
Bone Marrow/Plasma cells increased
Bone Marrow/Plasmoid lymphocytes
BX/Gastric biopsy/atrophy/lymphocyte/plasma infitrates
BX/Gastric/Lymphocytic gastritis
PATH/Lymphoid/mononuclear infiltrate/gut
BX/Labial biopsy/Lymphoid foci/accessory salivary glands
BX/Lymph node biopsy//Benign follicular hypertrophy
BX/Lymph node biopsy/abnormal
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Focal sinus distension/monocytes
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Granulomatous changes
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Histiocytic blurring germinal centers
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Plasmoid lymphocytes
BX/Lymph node biopsy/reactive follicular hyperplasia
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Reed Sternberg cells
BX/Lymph node biopsy/Warthin-Finkeldey RES/giant cells
BX/Lymph node fluorescent/specific plague stain
BX/Lymph Node Histocytic Cortex infiltrate/necrosis
BX/Muscle biopsy/Lymphorrhages/aggregates
BX/Lung biopsy/Lymphocytic infiltrates
BX/Lung/Alveolar/bronchiolar lymphocytes/plasmas
BX/Lung/Lymphocyte/histiocyte/plasma cell/interstitial
PATH/Red pulp spleen/lymphoma infiltration
PATH/Biopsy/concentric onionskin lymphocytes
PATH/Lymphocytic infiltrates
PATH/Non-node lymphoma infiltrate/process
PATH/Proliferation plasma cells/lymphocytes
PATH/Lymphocytic infiltration/extraocular muscles
PATH/Orbital contents/lymphocytic infiltrate
CT Scan
CT Scan/Abdomen Retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy
CT Scan/Abdomen/Adenopathy porta hepatis/pancreas
CT Scan/Mesenteric adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Periaortic Adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Periaortic Pelvic Adenopathy/ABD
CT Scan/Pelvic adenopathy/lymph node/mets
Xray/Calcified lymph nodes
Xray/Hilar adenopathy bilateral/Chest
Xray/Hilar adenopathy, unilateral/Chest
Xray/Paratracheal adenopathy/Chest
Lymphangiogram/Cysterna/thoracic duct obstruction
Lymphangiogram/Filling defect/lymph nodes
Lymphangiogram/Thoracic duct/Abnormality

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