Disease Information for Adenocarcinoma, breast: Associated Diseases & Rule outs

Rule Outs
Abscess, submammary
Breast abscess
Breast adenosis
Breast contusion/trauma
Breast fat necrosis
Breast fibroadenoma
Breast fibrocystic disease
Breast hamartoma
Breast hematoma
Associated Disease & Complications
Adenocarcinoma, breast
Adenocarcinoma, breast/inflammatory
Adenocarcinoma, metastatic breast
Ascites, malignant
Ataxic neuropathy
Brachial plexus neuropathy
Breast necrosis/infarct
Cancer in Elderly
Carcinoma, male breast
Carcinomatous cerebellar/motor syndrome
Cauda equina syndrome
Caudal spinal cord tumor
Central diabetes insipidus
Cervical spinal cord tumor
Chylous ascites
Disseminated intravascular coagulation
Eaton-Lambert syndrome
Frontal tumor/mass CNS
Hypercalcemia of Malignancy
Inappropriate ADH secretion syndrome
Lymphangitic metastatic/carcinoma lung disease
Membranous Nephropathy
Meningeal metastasis/secondary neoplasm
Metastasis choroid/eye
Metastasis to adrenal glands
Metastasis to esophagus
Metastasis to heart/myocardium
Metastasis to pericardium/myocardium
Metastasis to spleen
Metastasis/epidural spinal cord
Metastatic bone disease
Metastatic brain disease
Metastatic breast carcinoma to skin
Metastatic liver disease
Metastatic lung disease
Microangiopathic anemia/disease
Myelitis, transverse
Myelophthisic anemia
Nephrosis/secondary disease
Occipital tumor/mass CNS syndrome
Occult malignancy/carcinoma
Paraneoplastic multifocal encephalomyelitis
Parietal tumor/mass
Pericardial malignant effusion
Peritoneal Effusion
Peritoneal metastasis
Pleural Effusion
Pleural Malignant effusion
PLEURAL Metastatic disease
Skin carcinoma, metastatic source
Spinal cord tumor
Superior vena cava obstruction/syndrome
Temporal tumor/mass CNS
Thoracic spinal cord tumor
Thrombophlebitis Arm/Deep Vein
Thrombophlebitis, deep vein
Transverse myelitis, subacute
Multiple organ System Failure