Disease Information for Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C intake

Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings - Decreased
Triglycerides (Lab)
Vitamin B12, serum (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C (Lab)
URINE Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications
Hypovitaminosis B12
Kidney stone/Nephrolithiasis/Urolithiasis
Kidney stone/Uric acid/urates
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Calcium Containing Kidney Stones
Disease Mechanism & Classification
DRUG/Antioxidant drug/anti-free radical effect
DRUG/Anti-oxidant effect/anti-free radical drug:
DRUG/Vitamin/minerals supplements (example)
DRUG/Water-soluble vitamin (example)
DRUG-Herbal Activates Natural Killer (NK) cells/claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Oxidant/Free radical claims
DRUG-Herbal Enhances Macrophage/WBC function claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Bruising claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Hot flashes/non-estrogenic
DRUG-Herbal Immune stimulant claims
DRUG-Herbal Improves fat metabolism/HDL claims
DRUG-Herbal Improves memory claims
DRUG-Herbal Improves tissue repair claims
DRUG-Herbal Increases IGA/IGM/IGG claims
DRUG-Herbal Increases interferon production claims
DRUG-Herbal Increases White blood count claims
DRUG-Herbal Inhibits histamine claims
DRUG-Herbal Kidney health claims
DRUG-Herbal Liver health/bile flow claims
DRUG-Herbal Phosphodiesterase inhibitor claims
DRUG-Herbal Strengthens capillaries claims
DRUG-Herbal Visual/eye health claims
DRUG-Supplement Group (example)
Pathophysiology/Calcium containing kidney stone process
PROCESS/Medication/Drug (CONFIRM dose/before treatment)
(VT400) VITAMIN C, A46 VITAMIN C PREPARATIONS, Acid Ascorbic, Acid L Ascorbic, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic acid (nutrition), Ascorbic acid (nutrition) (product), Ascorbic acid (nutrition) (substance), Ascorbic acid (substance), Ascorbic acid (urine ph no drugs here), Ascorbic acid (urine ph no drugs here) (product), Ascorbic acid (urine ph no drugs here) (substance), Ascorbic acid (urine ph), Ascorbic acid preparation, Ascorbic acid product, C Vitamin, intake, L Ascorbic Acid, VIT C, VITAMIN C, Vitamin C preparation, Vitamin C preparation (product), Vitamin C preparation (substance), VITAMIN C PREPARATIONS, Vitamin C product, VITC Ascorbic acid, Herbal brand LiverPro formula (PharmAssure/Rite Aid), Herbal brand Macular support mix (Pure Inc), Herbal brand Resistance Plus (PharmAssure), Herbal brand Starpack daily (Starlight int), Herbal brand SulfurPlex hair health (PharmAssure/Rite Aid), Herbal brand Weight management mix (Pure Inc)
Drug Therapy - Indication
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Aging/Youth/beauty claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Allergy/Hay fever claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Anemia claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Cancer claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Depressant claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Glaucoma claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Hepatitis claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Hives claims
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Multiple sclerosis claim
DRUG-Herbal Anti-Poison Ivy (Internal) claims
DRUG-Herbal Glucose metabolisim health claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Bladder infection claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Chronic fatigue/Adult mono claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps Colds/Coughs/flu claim
DRUG-Herbal Helps Male fertility/Sperm count claim
DRUG-Herbal Helps Sinusitis/chronic claims
DRUG-Herbal Helps URI/Cold claims
DRUG-Herbal Prevents arteriosclerosis claims
DRUG-Herbal Prevents Nosebleeds claims
DRUG-Herbal Prevents URIs/Colds claims
DRUG-Herbal Promotes wound healing claims
Drug Dosage
DRUG-Herbal TOXIC in pregnancy:
DRUG-Herbal Used often (popular (ex):

Vitamin/Supplement intake; oral preparation


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