Disease Information for Angina, spasm type

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Acute Chest Pain
Acute Chest Pain in Elderly
Cardiac Symptoms/Signs
Chest Pain
Chest Pain in Children
Chest pain releved by nitroglycerin
Chest pain, substernal/midline
Heart 'spells'
Non-Pleuritic Chest Pain
Palpitations/Skipped beats
Exercise related abdominal pain
Lower jaw pain
Pain in lower jaw with exercise
Elbow pain radiating to chest
Chest pains/recurrent/chronic
Tobacco Habit/Excess
Non-localized shoulder area pain
Shoulder pain
Shoulder Pain No Local Signs
Shoulder pain/left
Episodic symptoms/events
Spells/Episodes of weakness
Disease Progression
Course/Attacks Episodic Spells
Demographics & Risk Factors
Established Disease Population
Patient/Cocaine addicted
Patient/Heart cath/angioplasty
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Apo A/Apo B Ratio lipoprotein Decreased (Lab)
Intercellular adhesion molecule levels/abnormal
LDL Pattern B (TG/LDL high HDL low)
Total Antioxidant capacity abnormal
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Anti-Oxidized LDL antibody (labs)
Apo B-100 lipoprotein Level (Lab)
Apo B-48 lipoprotein Level (Lab)
Apo Lp a (Little a) lipoprotein Level (Lab)
Apolipoprotein B Level
ApoLP/B-little a (marker) (Lab)
C-reactive protein (Lab)
F2-Isoprostanes (Oxidative stress marker) level
Highly sensitive CRP (LAB)
Homocysteine serum (Lab)
Insulin level (Lab)
Serum Amyloid A (SSA)
Diagnostic Test Results
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Cardiac Stress Thallium/Sestimibi scan/Normal
EKG/Changing ST-T segments/No Q Waves (ECG)
EKG/Ischemic ST segment depression (ECG)
EKG/S-T depression (ECG)
EKG/Inverted T Waves (ECG)
EKG/T Wave inversion (ECG)
EKG/Multifocal ventricular ectopy (ECG)
EKG/Changes/abnormalities (ECG)
EKG/Changing pattern (ECG)
EKG/Ischemic changes (ECG)
EKG/Stress/exercise induced ischemia (ECG)
Echo/Normal Echocardiogram
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Rule Outs
Hiatus hernia, esophagus
Associated Disease & Complications
Angina pectoris
Coronary ischemia
Ischemia, cardiac
Myocardial infarction, acute
Venticular tach/non sustained/recurrent
Disease Synergy - Causes
Synergy/Tobacco smoking
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Cardiovascular (category)
CLASS/Heart disorder (ex)
Pathophysiology/Myocardial Ischemia Non-Arteriosclerosis
PROCESS/Arteriosclerosis/vascular/venous (category)
PROCESS/Vegetative-Autonomic/Endocrine (category)
Drug Therapy - Indication
RX/Amlodipine (Norvasc) administration
RX/Amyl nitrite
RX/Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid)
RX/Calcium-channel blocker
RX/Diltiazem (Cardizem)
RX/Eptifibatide (Integrilin)
RX/Low-dose aspirin
RX/Nifedipine (Procardia)
RX/Tirofiban (Aggrastat/Anti-2B3A platelet recep)
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