Disease Comparison Results (show common mode) for Endometriosis cyst/chocolate cyst and Pelvic inflammatory disease


Pelvic inflammatory disease

Found: 194 | Differences: 153

Endometriosis cyst/chocolate cyst

Found: 69 | Differences: 29

Endometriosis cyst/chocolate cyst and Pelvic inflammatory disease sharing 39 common findings. (show all, show common, show differences)

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Abdominal Mass
Abdominal Pain
Bimanual rectal/abdominal exam/Abnormal
Hypogastric Mass
Hypogastric Pain
Left Lower Quadrant Pain/Tenderness
Lower Abdominal Mass
Lower Abdominal Pain
Mass in RLQ
Pelvic Mass on Exam
Right Lower Quadrant Pain/Tenderness
Tender Hypogastrium
Adnexal mass
Female Genital Pain/Tenderness
Gynecologic back pain
Ovarian pain syndrome
Ovary mass
Painful coitus or dyspareunia
Pelvic pain
Pelvic Pain Female
Uterine/Adenexal Pain
Back Pain
Pelvic Bladder Pressure Symptoms
Suprapubic pain
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Adolescent female Abdominal pain
Demographics & Risk Factors
Sex & Age Groups
Population/Adult Aged Only
Population/Child-bearing age women
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Laparoscopy/Pelvic Abnormal
CT Scan
CT Scan/Pelvic abnormal
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Adenocarcinoma, ovary
Ectopic pregnancy
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Fallopian tube involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Ovary/uterus/female genital (category)