Disease Comparison Results (show all mode) for Dysautonomia, familial and Omentum abscess


Omentum abscess

Found: 47 | Differences: 43

Dysautonomia, familial

Found: 169 | Differences: 165

Dysautonomia, familial and Omentum abscess sharing 4 common findings. (show all, show common, show differences)

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Hyperhidrosis/Chronic sweating excess
Sweating Excess Perspiration
Abdominal Distension
Abdominal distension/protrusion/sign
Abdominal Distention
Abdominal Mass
Abdominal Pain
Left Lower Quadrant Pain in Elderly
Lower Abdominal Mass
Mass in Mid-Abdomen
Mass in RLQ
Periumbilical Pain in Elderly
Rebound tenderness/abdomen
Right Upper Quadrant Pain/Tenderness
Chronically ill patient/signs
Constitutional symptoms
Hectic fever
High body temperature
Quotidian Fever
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Fever and High Sed Rate
Disease Progression
Course/Acute on subacute
Course/Chronic disorder
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
High WBC/Left Shift (Lab)
Left shifted differential smear (Lab)
Very High Sed Rate
Abnormal Lab Findings
Neutrophiles (Lab)
Sed Rate/ESR/Sedimentation rate (Lab)
Diagnostic Test Results
Isotope Scan
isotope/Tch Neutrospec WBC scan Abnormal
Ultrasound/Abdomen Abnormal
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Hydatid cyst
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Mesenteric vein thrombosis
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Fatty tissue/subcutaneous disorder (ex)
CLASS/Subcutaneous/Panniculus tissue disorder
CLASS/Intestinal/stomach/gut (category)
CLASS/Omentum disorder
CLASS/Peritoneal disorder (ex)
CLASS/Serosal disorder (ex)
Pathophysiology/Extrinsic Bowel Obstruction
Pathophysiology/Mechanical Bowel Obstruction
PROCESS/Infected organ/abscess (category)
PROCESS/Infection/Abscess (ex)
Drug Therapy
RX/Antibiotic adjunct/parenteral/large doses
Surgical Procedures or Treatments
SX/Surgical resection/removal/biopsy
Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Hyperextensable Joints Infant
Chronic hypotension
Dizzy on Standing/Giddy Response
Falling blood pressure/progessive/signs
High blood pressure child
High blood pressure/sign
High blood pressure/transient/wide fluctuations
Hill's sign/Blood pressure higher lower extremities
Inadequate reflex heart rate increase/standing/sign
Low Blood Pressure
Orthostatic drop in blood pressure
Postural color changes extremities
Supine hypertension/effect/sign
Systolic hypertension/diastolic normal
Blotchy rash/variable
Diaphoresis profuse/active sweating/acute
Excess Sweating Children
Facial erythema
Facial flushing/Beet red
Hyperhidrosis/Chronic sweating excess
Night sweats
Sweating Excess Perspiration
Sweating infant syndrome
Abdominal Distension in Children
Diarrhea in Children
Dysphagia Swallowing Difficulties
Poor feeding/infant
Decreased taste ability/Hypoguesia
Excess salivation/hypersalivation
Smooth tongue
Tongue Protrudes Infant
Delay Sitting Unsupported Infant
Head Lag Infant Sign
Legs itch on standing
Mouth Hangs Open Infant
Muscles Soft/Doughy Infant
Neck weakness/head nodding
Rolling Over Delay Infant
Absent deep tendon reflexes
Anesthetic hypesthetic limbs/areas
Autonomic instability/Variable BP/HR
Babkin infant sign/Abnormal
Delayed speech/language development
Delayed walking milestone/child
Development Motor Skills (Milestones) Delayed
Developmental milestones delayed
Galant Infant reflex/Abnormal
Head Neck Floppy Infant Hypotonia Sign
High pain threshold/infant
Hypereactive Child
Hypereactive/on exam
Hyporeflexia/DTRs decreased
Infant Head Support Delay
Loss of Taste
Mental Deficiency Child
Moro reflex Poor/Absent Infant
Newborn Poor Sucking response/reflex
Palmar Grasp infant Reflex Abnormal
Primitive infant reflexes/Abnormal
Pupils non reactive
Rooting infant sign/Abnormal
Slow Motor Development
Swimming infant reflex/Abnormal
Tonic Neck Infant reflex/Abnormal
Recurrent URI/Colds/LRI infections
Shallow Breathing Infant
Emotional outbursts/tantrums/Hot temper
Emotional/affective lability
Hyperactivity, child/signs
Short attention span
Decreased sense of smell
Nose blocked/stuffy
Runny nose/rhinorrhea
Bladder distension
Urine Frequency
Chronic Low Body Temperature
Chronically ill patient/signs
Fever and Normal Sed Rate
Growth/development delay
Low body temperature
Nervousness/excitability/hyperactive adult
Poikylothermia/variable temperature setting
Short stature
Short stature Child
Sickly kid syndrome
Variable body temperature setting
Weakness/wooziness/standing quickly
Absence of tears/on exam
Absent corneal reflex/bilateral
Dry eyes/poor tearing
Dry eyes/Poor tearing in Children
Dryness Conjunctiva
Grainy/Gritty Eye Sensation
Typical Clinical Presentation
Presentation/Death in childhood
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Recurrent Infections
Presentation/Recurrent respiratory infections
Presentation/Recurrent pneumonia Child
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic disorder
Course/Chronic only
Demographics & Risk Factors
Ethnic or Racial Factors
Ashkenasi Jewish population
Jewish population
Middle Eastern Population
Population Group
Population/Pediatrics population
Family History
Family history/Mental retardation
Family history/Nerve disease
Family history/Immune defects
Sex & Age Groups
Population/Child-Infant Only
Population/Preschool child/boy
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings
URINE Homovanillic acid
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
TEST/Excess miosis/lacrimation/Mecholyl test
PATH/CNS/Reticulum system/disseminated lesions
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Gastric Emptying Delay
X-RAY With contrast
UGI/Esophagus motility disorder
UGI/Gastric Emptying Time Delay
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy syndrome
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Anhydrosis/Absent sweating/diffuse
Autoamputation of digit
Autonomic neuropathy
Charcot neuroarthropathic joint
Chronic bowel pseudo-obstruction syndrome
Corneal ulceration
Cutis marmorata
Cutis marmorata/newborn
Dysautonomia, familial
Hypertension in a child
Mental retardation
Neonatal Hypotonia/Floppy Baby Syndrome
Nephrosclerosis, benign arteriolar
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Orthostatic hypotension syndrome
Pain, congenital indifference
Pneumonia, recurrent
Renal Failure Chronic
Vasomotor instability
Gastropathy Atonic
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Pediatric disorders (ex)
CLASS/Neurologic (category)
Pathophysiology/Genomic indentifiers (polymorphism/snip/mutations)
Pathophysiology/Thermoregulatory defect
Pathophysiology/Delayed gastric emptying/gastrostasis
Pathophysiology/Autonomic nervous system involvement
PROCESS/Autosomal recessive disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Episodic disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Hereditofamilial (category)
PROCESS/Vegetative-Autonomic/Endocrine (category)
Synonym/FD (Familial Dysautonomia)
Synonym/Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy
Synonym/HSAN-III (hereditary sensory autonomic neurop.)
Synonym/Riley-Day syndrome