Disease Comparison Results (show differences mode) for Cardiomyopathy, hemochromatosis and Leukemia, acute


Leukemia, acute

Found: 310 | Differences: 297

Cardiomyopathy, hemochromatosis

Found: 132 | Differences: 119

Cardiomyopathy, hemochromatosis and Leukemia, acute sharing 13 common findings. (show all, show common, show differences)

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Chin Dysesthesia Paresthesia
Numbness chin/persistent
Bleeding/excessive from mild trauma
Hemorrhagic rash
Hemorrhagic/Confluent ecchymotic rash
Leg Ulcers in Elderly
Night sweats
Petechiae/Petechial rash
Rash hand/foot areas
Rash on palms and soles
Skin nodules/Subcutaneous nodules
Subcutaneous nodules
Subcutaneous nodules in Children
Acute spontaneous/widespread bleeding/signs
Anemia symptoms/chronic
Bleeding from all orifices
Excessive/easy bruising tendency
Abdominal Mass
Abdominal Mass in Children
Diffuse Abdominal Pain
Vomiting blood/hematemesis
Bleeding from Mouth in Elderly
Bleeding from mouth/oral blood
Bleeding gums
Bleeding/prolonged dental surgery
Blood in mouth/gums/throat
Gray membrane/tonsillar/pharyngeal area
Jaw Dysesthesias Paresthesias
Mucocutaneous hemorrhages
Numbness Jaw
Oral lesion/ulcer
Oral Ulcers in Children
Oral Ulcers in Elderly
Axillary adenopathy
Cervical adenopathy
Lymphadenopathy Systemic
Posterior cervical adenopathy
Palpable Liver/Hepatomegaly
Hip Inner Thigh Pain
Scant hemoptysis
Arthralgias Polyarthralgias
Arthritis Children
Arthritis of major joint
Arthritis with Fever
Asymmetric arthritis/multiple joints
Back Pain
Bone Pains
Child won't walk
Hip Pain
Hip Pain In a Child
Joint Pains
Joint pains Arthralgias in Children
Knee arthritis, acute, unilateral
Limping gait/orthopedic/antalgic
Limping in Toddler
Migratory polyarthritis syndrome
Monoarticular Arthritis in Children
Monoarticular Arthritis in Elderly
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Multiple Joint Arthritis
Polyarticular Joint Pain
Sternal swelling
Epistaxis Children
Epistaxis, severe/persistent
Sore Throat in Children
Sore throat/Pharyngitis
Sore Throat/Throat Pain
Throat Conditions
Chronic Fatigue
Constitutional symptoms
Fatigue Tiredness in Children
Fever Febrile Possible
Fever in elderly
Fever in kids
Fever of unknown origin/chronic fever
Flu-Like Syndrome
High body temperature
Infant peevish/irritable/fretful
Mucous membrane pallor
Weight Loss
Bilateral Eyelid Edema
Bleeding from eyes
Blurred Cloudy Vision
Conjunctival pallor
Conjunctival/scleral hemorrhage
Dimming vision/acute
Dry eyes/poor tearing
Dry eyes/Poor tearing in Children
Dry eyes/Poor tearing in Elderly
Dryness Conjunctiva
Grainy/Gritty Eye Sensation
Periorbital edema/Puffy eyes
Roth spots in fundi
Acute Hearing Loss
Typical Clinical Presentation
Presentation/Cancer with very high LDH/marker function
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Anemia in Children
PVT/Anemia in an Infant
Anemia with Low Reticulocyte Count
Presentation/Eye Oral GI GU Hemorrhage
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Fever and High Sed Rate
Disease Progression
Course/Potentially lethal/untreated
Lethal Potential
Onset/Acute/Course chronic
Pancytopenia with Hypercellular Marrow
Demographics & Risk Factors
Past History
PHX/Multiple Myeloma
PHX/Hodgkins Disease
PHX/Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
PHX/Ovarian Cancer
Established Disease Population
Patient/Down's syndrome
Population Group
Aged Adult
Sex & Age Groups
Population/Adult Aged Only
Population/Elderly Aged
Population/Seventies Adult
Laboratory Tests
Microbiology & Serology Findings
Stool Microscopic polys present
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Cytogenetics Abnormal
Acute inflammatory markers elevated (Lab)
Blast forms/peripheral smear (Lab)
Diagnostic Blood Smear
Dropping hematocrit/hemoglobin (Lab)
Howell Jolly bodies/rbcs (Lab)
Normocytic anemia
Normocytic anemia/low retic count
Normocytic/Normochromic Anemia (Lab)
Right Shift (Viral) Differential Smear (Lab)
Very High LDH
Abnormal Lab Findings - Decreased
Antithrombin III (Lab)
Cholesterol (Lab)
Copper, serum (Lab)
Hematocrit (Lab)
Hemoglobin (Lab)
Monocytes (Lab)
Neutrophiles (Lab)
Platelet count (Lab)
RBC/Red Blood Count (Lab)
WBC/White Blood Cell Count/Leukocytes (Lab)
CSF Glucose
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Febrile Agglutinins (Lab)
Alkaline phosphatase, serum (Lab)
ANA/Antinuclear antibody/Fluorescent ANA (Lab)
Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA)
Basophiles (Lab)
Beta2-microglobulin, serum (Lab)
Bleeding time, Duke (Lab)
Calcium, serum (Lab)
CD4 Helper cells (Lab)
Immune complex titer (Raji) (Lab)
Lactic acid/Lactate (Lab)
Lactic Dehydrogenase (LDH LH) (Lab)
Lysozyme/Muramidase (Lab)
Magnesium (Lab)
MCV/Mean Corpuscular Volume (Lab)
Monocytes (Lab)
Phosphate Serum (Lab)
Sed Rate/ESR/Sedimentation rate (Lab)
Uric acid, serum (Lab)
Vitamin B12, serum (Lab)
WBC/White Blood Cell Count/Leukocytes (Lab)
URINE Beta-2 Globulin (Microglobulin)
URINE Creatine
URINE Protein (Albumin)
URINE Uric acid
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Skin test anergy
Arthrocentesis/Minimal fluid much pain
Bone Marrow/Abnormal
Bone marrow/Blasts increased
Bone marrow/Blasts infiltrating/Leukemic pattern
Bone marrow/Dry tap
Bone Marrow/Hypercellular
BX/Bone Marrow Biopsy/Abnormal
CT Scan
MRI/Bilateral Adrenal Masses/abdomen
CT/Bone Mineral Density/Increased
Xray/Chest abnormal
Xray/Chest/Lung fields/Abnormal
Xray/Hilar adenopathy, unilateral/Chest
Xray/Bone lesions, motheaten lytic multiple
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Adult Still's disease/RA presentation
Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Hand, foot and mouth disease
Infectious mononucleosis
Purpura, idiopathic thrombocytopenic
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Acute leukemia
Agranulocytic pharyngitis
Anal fissure
Anemia in a Baby/Young child
Anemia, severe
Anergic status
Aphthous stomatitis Aphthous oral lesions
Arthritis, non specific
Bleeding diathesis/hemorrhagic diathesis
Bleeding Tendency
Cauda equina syndrome
Central diabetes insipidus
Cerebral hemorrhage
Chickenpox (varicella)
Congenital/Neonatal Anemia
Cranial venous sinus thrombosis
Death Outcome
Disseminated intravascular coagulation
Facial nerve palsy/secondary
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Inappropriate ADH secretion syndrome
Kidney stone/Nephrolithiasis/Urolithiasis
Lactic acidosis
Leukemic meningitis
Meningeal metastasis/secondary neoplasm
Meningitis, chronic
Nephrotic syndrome
Pleural Effusion
Polyarthritis in Children
Pulmonary infarction
Pyoderma gangrenosa
Retinal hemorrhage
Splenic infarction
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Thrombocytopenia in Children
Thrombocytopenia in Elderly
Tumor lysis syndrome
Leg ulcers
Anemia in Elderly
Anemic Year Old Child/Baby
Monoarthritis Acute
Proteinuria in Children
Proteinuria in Elderly
Multiple organ System Failure
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Pediatric disorders (ex)
CLASS/Hematologic (category)
CLASS/Leukocyte involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Marrow involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Gum/gingival involvement/disorder (ex)
Pathophysiology/Chemosensitive malignancy/relative
Pathophysiology/Gene locus chromosome 21
Pathophysiology/Gene Locus Identified/OMIM database
Pathophysiology/Neoplastic invasion/pericardium
Pathophysiology/Megakaryopoetic suppression
Pathophysiology/Chemotaxis failure/phagocytes/effect
PROCESS/Bimodal age distribution/incidence
PROCESS/Chemotherapy responsive cancer (ex)
PROCESS/Malignancy in childhood (ex)
PROCESS/Neoplastic (category)
PROCESS/Blood dyscrasia/leukemic process (ex)
PROCESS/Leukemia process (ex).
Drug Therapy
RX/Chemotherapy combination/protocol
RX/Cytarabine (ARA-C)
RX/Dasatinib (Sprycel)
RX/Daunorubicin (Daunomycin)
RX/Doxorubicin (Adriamycin Doxil)
RX/Etoposide (Vepesid)
RX/Idarubicin (Idamycin)
RX/Intrathecal methotrexate
RX/Mercaptopurine (6MP)
RX/Prednisone chemotherapy/protocol adjunct
RX/Rituximab (Retuxan)
SX/Stem cell transplant/autologous
SX/Stem-cell transplant
Other Treatments
TX/Brain radiation.
TX/Platelet transfusion
Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Edema Children
PMI Displaced Lateral
Apical impulse,heart/lateral displacement
Bilateral ankle swelling
Bilateral leg edema/swelling
Cardiac auscultation/abnormal
Cardiac Symptoms/Signs
Cardiomegaly/Heart dilatation
Exertional syncope/presyncope
Kussmaul Positive/Pulses Paradoxicus Negative
Kussmaul venous pressure/Increases on inspiration/paradox
New heart murmurs
Progressive cardiac enlargement/cardiomegaly/sign
Pulsus alternans
Transient mitral insufficiency murmur
Bronze Skin Color
Increased pigmentation/tanning/hyperpigmented
Edema of Lower Extremities
Bibasilar rales/CHF signs
Dyspnea on exertion
Decreased exercise tolerance/effort fatigue
Poor Stamina
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Congestive heart failure Child
Disease Progression
Course/Chronic only
Demographics & Risk Factors
Established Disease Population
Laboratory Tests
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Ferritin extremely high (Lab)
HFE Gene mutations
Abnormal Lab Findings
Ferritin, serum (Lab)
Saturated iron binding capacity (Lab)
Transferrin saturation (Lab)
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Cardiac index reduced
Heart cath/Left ventricle end-diastolic pressure inc
Heart cath/RV diastolic Filling Square Root sign
Heart cath/Venous pressure increased/cvp
BX/Endomyocardial Biopsy Abnormal
BX/Myocardial biopsy/abnormal
Bone Marrow/Iron stores/increased
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Cardiac Tch99 Pyrophosphate scan Abnormal
MUGA Scan/Cardiac abnormal
MUGA scan/cardiac output decreased
MUGA Scan/Diastolic first derivative slow
EKG/Low voltage all leads (ECG)
EKG/Pseudoinfarction pattern/Q Waves/atypical (ECG)
EKG/Q Waves inferior leads (ECG)
EKG/Non-specific ST-T Wave changes (ECG)
EKG/Inverted T Waves (ECG)
EKG/AV Nodal Block/Complete
EKG/Incomplete right bundle branch block (ECG)
EKG/Left bundle branch block,complete (ECG)
EKG/Conduction defect findings (ECG)
CT Scan
CT Scan/Heart Abnormal
MRI/Heart scan abnormal
CT/Liver High Density/ABD
MRI/Chest abnormal
Fluoroscopy/Heart decreased pulsation/force
Fluoroscopy/Ventricular pulse diminished force
Xray/Large heart shadow/Chest
Echo/Decreased ventricular pulsations
Echo/Diffuse hypokinesis ventricle wall
Echo/Distended IVC/Vena cava
Echo/Ejection fraction low
Echo/Left Ventricle Chamber Large
Echo/Normal IVC collapse absent
Echo/Stiff ventricular wall motion
Angios/L V/end-diastolic vol increase
Heart Cath/Coronaries Normal
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Amyloidisis, heart
Cardiomyopathy, congested
Myocarditis, acute
Myocarditis, viral
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
AV node lesion/infiltrate
Cardiac conduction defects
Cardiomyopathy, dilated
Cardiomyopathy, hemochromatosis
Cardiomyopathy, restrictive
Cardiomyopathy, secondary
CHF with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Diabetes mellitus
Heart block, complete
Heart block, Mobitz type II
Infiltrative cardiomyopathy
Left bundle branch block
Left Ventricular Failure
Myocardial fibrosis
Myocarditis, acute
Ventricular tachycardia
Ventricular tachycardia/arrest
Wenckebach/Mobitz I heart block
Heart Failure in a Child
Disease Synergy
Synergy/Iron ingestion/administration
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Cardiovascular (category)
CLASS/Heart disorder (ex)
CLASS/Myocardial involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Systemic/no comment (category)
Pathophysiology/Biventricular congestive heart failure
Pathophysiology/Cardiac Diastolic Compliance Decreased
Pathophysiology/Cardiac Stroke volume decreased
Pathophysiology/Delayed Diastolic Relaxation
Pathophysiology/Diastolic left ventricular dysfunct/failure
Pathophysiology/Diastolic ventricular filling/poor/effect
Pathophysiology/Diastolic-type heart failure/poor filling
Pathophysiology/High cardiac filling pressures/venous return
Pathophysiology/High end-diastolic pressures (ex)
Pathophysiology/Inadequate ventricular diastolic filling
Pathophysiology/Systolic type/Congestive heart failure
PROCESS/Complicating disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Complicating/Specific process disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Hereditofamilial (category)
PROCESS/Metabolic/storage disorder (category)
PROCESS/Storage disorder (ex)
Other Treatments
TX/Afterload reduction/cardiac therapy