Disease Comparison Results (show differences mode) for Behcet's Disease and Reiters Syndrome


Reiters Syndrome

Found: 329 | Differences: 246

Behcet's Disease

Found: 381 | Differences: 298

Behcet's Disease and Reiters Syndrome sharing 79 common findings. (show all, show common, show differences)

Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Buttock Pain
Tachycardia/Fast heart rate
Hyperkeratotic foot/plantar lesion
Keratoderma blenorrhagicum
Nails pitting
Palmar keratosis
Paronychial hypertrophic areas
Plantar hyperkeratosis/sign
Rash hand/foot areas
Subungual cornified material/sign
Circinate lesion, glans penis
Pelvic Pain Male
Urethral discharge in Children/male
Buccal mucosal ulcer
Edema of buccal mucosa
Oral Ulcers in Children
Painless oral ulcers
Parotid swelling
Fingers, 'sausage' shaped
Foot Swelling
Hip Inner Thigh Pain
Leg/lower extremity pains
Tender muscle/tendon insertions
Toe pains
Pelvic pain
Pelvic Pain Chronic
Urethral Discharge/Female
Acute Back Pain
Ankle arthritis signs/symptoms
Ankle Pain
Ankle swelling/unilateral
Arthritis and Heart murmur
Arthritis and weight loss
Arthritis of major joint
Arthritis with rash/dermatitis
Arthritis/mild much pain
Arthritis/severe without much pain
Asymmetric arthritis/multiple joints
Asymmetric Oligoarthropathy
Back Pain
Back Pain on Percussion/Spine
Back/Spine/Axial Pain
Backache/relieved by rest
Bilateral Heel Pain
Bilateral knee effusions
Bilateral knee pains
Chronic Back Pain
Foot arthritis
Foot arthritis, bilateral
Foot Pain
Heel Pain
Heel Pain/Posterior
Hip Pain
Hot Joint
Joint distribution/lower body
Joint effusion
Joint exam/signs
Joint inflammation signs
Joint redness/warmth
Joint/limit range of motion
Knee and Ankle Involvement
Knee arthritis, acute, unilateral
Knee effusion, large, unilateral
Knee effusion/Fluid on knee
Knee Pain
Knee Swelling
Large Synovial Effusion
Limping gait/orthopedic/antalgic
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain in Elderly
Low back pain radiating posterior thighs
Lumbar pain, acute
Lumbar spine limited motion
Lumbosacral Pain
Massive recurrent knee effusions, unilateral/signs
Metatarsophalangeal arthritis/signs
Midfoot pain
Monoarticular Arthritis in Elderly
Monoarticular Arthritis/One joint acute
Normal joint exam/Much pain
Oligoarthritis syndrome/signs
Pelvic girdle pain
Plantar Heel Pain
Relapsing acute arthritis/signs
Sacroiliac pain
Sacrum area back pain
Shober Lumbar spine mobility test/abnormal
Single Joint Pain
Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain
Stiffness lower limb girdle
Swelling dorsum/foot
Symmetric low back pain
Toes, 'sausage' shaped
Warm Joint
Urethral discharge
Constitutional symptoms
Difficulty rising from chair
Ciliary injection/perilimbal (cicumcorneal)
Narrow pupil/unilateral
Typical Clinical Presentation
Presentation/Urethritis Relapse with Sexual Activity
Clinical Presentation & Variations
presentation/Acute polyarthritis syndrome Days
Presentation/Arthritis Conjunctivitis Urethritis
Presentation/Arthritis Skin lesions Urethritis Iritis
Presentation/Knee effusion Unilateral Young male
Presentation/Single Joint Arthritis
Disease Progression
Course/One to two years
Course/Some residual effects/possible
Course/Usually spontaneous remission/2-3 years
Onset several weeks/post triggering event
Demographics & Risk Factors
Exposure Factors
Exposure/Veneral Disease , men
Recent Event
Population Group
Population/Previously well
Young Adult
Family History
Family history/Arthritis
Event, Activity, Behavioral & Seasonal Factors
Lifestyle/Sexually active
Sex & Age Groups
Population/Adult Aged Only
Population/Man patient
Population/Young adult
Laboratory Tests
Microbiology & Serology Findings
Microlab/Joint fluid culture negative/sterile fluid
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Normal Urinalysis
HLA B27 (Lab)
HLA B8 (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings
Complement (total CH50) level (Lab)
C-reactive protein (Lab)
Neutrophiles (Lab)
SYNOVIAL Complement
SYNOVIAL Leukocytes
SYNOVIAL Neutrophiles
Diagnostic Test Results
Isotope Scan
Isotope/Bone scan/lower spine pickup/uptake
CT Scan
MRI/Lumbosacral spine abnormality
Xray/Osteophyes Bridging Vertebrae
Xray/Plantar Heel insertion periostitis
Xray/Heel periostitis/achilles tendonitis
Xray/Heel spur/fluffy pattern
Xray/Heel/Foot abnormal
Xray/Lumbosacral spine/abnormalities
Xray/Paravertebral calcification/Spine sacrum
Xray/Periarticular osteopenia/Joint
Xray/Sacroiliac Joint Erosions/Spine
Xray/Sacroiliac joint Widened
Xray/Sacroiliitis, radiographic
Xray/Spine Abnormal
Xray/Spine, squaring of vertebrae
Xray/Syndesmocytes Vertebral Borders/Spine
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Arthritis of inflammatory bowel disease
Arthritis Pyogenic Septic
Arthropathy, reactive (post-infectious)
Charcot neuroarthropathic joint
DeQuervain's tendonitis/thumb
Erythroplasia of Queyrat
Fibromyositis/fibromyalgia syndrome
Gonococcal arthritis
Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy
Intermittant hydrarthrosis/Hydrarthrosis
Lumbar spinal stenosis
Palindromic rheumatism
Psoriatic arthritis
Rheumatic arthritis, acute
Rheumatic fever
Spinal stenosis syndrome
Spondyloarthropathy, undifferentiated
Urinary tract infection
Vertebral osteomyelitis
Whipple's disease
Yersinia arthritis syndrome
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Achilles tendonitis
Ankle tenosynovitis
Aortic regurgitation
Arthritis Axial Skeleton
Atlanto/odontoid dislocation/fracture
Bacterial dysentery
Baker's cyst rupture
Balanitis circinata
Calcaneal spur
Cervicitis/Cervix inflammation
Costochondritis/chest-wall pain syndrome
Cystitis, nonbacterial
Dissecting aortic aneurysm
IGA Glomerulonephritis Acquired
Intermittant hydrarthrosis/Hydrarthrosis
Lumbosacral arthritis/Spondylitis
Optic neuritis
Pericardial effusion
Pes cavus/High Arched Foot
Plantar fasciitis
Polychondritis, relapsing
Prostatitis, acute
Rheumatoid heart disease
Sacroiliitis/Iliitis/Sacroiliac arthritis
Seminal vesiculitis
Spondyloarthropathy syndrome
Tenosynovitis, wrist
Calcaneus Apophysitis
Enthesopathy Syndrome
Monoarthritis Acute
Disease Synergy
Synergy/Infectious diarrhea/gastroenteritis
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Genital, male (category)
CLASS/Axial skeletal involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Sacroiliac joint involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Skeletal (category)
CLASS/Syndesmophytic joint involvement/disorder (ex)
Pathophysiology/Enthesopathy insertions/tendons
Pathophysiology/Ligamentous calcification
Pathophysiology/Osteoporosis Secondary
Pathophysiology/Reactive arthropathy
Pathophysiology/Seronegative polyarthritis
Pathophysiology/Seronegative spondylarthropathy (ex)
PROCESS/Hereditary/Genetic predisposition (ex)
PROCESS/Post-infectious disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Enthesopathic arthropathy (ex)
Synonym/Arthritis urethritica
Synonym/Endemic Reiter's syndrome (venereal)
Synonym/Epidemic Reiter's syndrome (post dysentery)
Synonym/Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter disease
Synonym/Idiopathic blennorrheal arthritis
Synonym/Infectious uroarthritis
Synonym/Reactive Arthritis
Synonym/Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy
Synonym/Urethro-oculo-articular syndrome
Synonym/Venereal arthritis
Drug Therapy
RX/Anti-inflammatory drug
RX/Ibuprofen (Motrin)
RX/Indomethacin (Indocin)
RX/Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Other Treatments
TX/Physical therapy
Clinical Manifestations
Signs & Symptoms
Acute Chest Pain
Acute Chest Pain in Elderly
Chest Pain
Acne on Arms and Legs
Cutaneous ulcer/Skin ulcer
Follicular rash
Genital rash/lesion
Hyperpathia phenomenon (venipuncture inf)
Isomorphic Skin Trauma Response
Koebner phenomenon/post-mechanical stimulation/rash lesion
Nodular rash with ulcer/necrosis/scarring effect
Painful skin ulcer
Papulopustular Rash
Perineal Rash
Pustular rash/Pustules
Rash oral/anal/vulval areas
Skin lesions
Skin pathergy/needle stick/sterile pustule/erythema
Skin trauma sensitive
Vesicobullous rash/lesions in Children
Vesicobullous rashes
Genital Erosions
Genital Skin Lesions
Painful genital ulcers/male
Penis Rash
Penis ulcer/lesion
Scrotal lesions/ulcerative
Scrotal Ulcer
Urethral discharge in Elderly Male
Abdominal Pain
Diarrhea and Weight Loss
Diarrhea, chronic
Perianal rash
Perianal/Anal ulcers
Periumbilical Pain in Elderly
STOOL Mucus excess
Buccal ulcers
Gingival exudate
Gingival Tenderness Pain
Gingival ulcer
Oral ulcers yellow/red borders
Painful oral ulcers
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis/sign
Sore Gums
Tongue Ulcer
Altered mental status Mental status change
CNS symptoms/signs
Cognitive defect
Confusion/agitation on exam
Impaired judgement/signs
Stiff neck/Nuchal rigidity
Stroke Syndrome Child
Stroke syndrome/signs
Sudden unconsciousness
Genital lesions, female/Signs
Painful coitus or dyspareunia
Painful genital ulcers/female
Painful Vaginal Sore/Ulcer
Painless vulva/vaginal ulcers
Red Vulva Lesion
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge in Elderly
Vaginal Discharge Leukorrhea
Vaginal/Vulva ulcers
Vulva Erosions
Vulva gray mucous patches
Vulva Lesion
Large joint involvement/manifestation
Nasopharyngeal ulcerations
Sore throat in Elderly
Sore throat/Pharyngitis
Sore Throat/Throat Pain
Throat Conditions
Genital Sore/Ulcer
Chronic Fatigue
Enervated/extreme acute fatigue
Fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion
Multisystem disease/signs
Perineum scarring/ulcerating lesions
Acute Painful Vision Loss
Bloodshot eyes/Conjunctival injection
Red Eyes Bilateral
Scleral Injection
Visual acuity decreasing
Typical Clinical Presentation
Arthritis with Subcutaneous/Skin Nodules
Clinical Presentation & Variations
Presentation/Thrombophlebitis Hereditary Recurrent
Presentation/Painful Leg Ulcer Chronic
Presentation/Behcets triad Oral ulcer Genital ulcer Uveitis
Presentation/Ulcers mouth Genital Anal Uveitis
Presentation/Recurrent Aseptic Meningitis
Presentation/Joints Vessels CNS GI Mucosa Genitals
Presentation/Male Eye Genital Skin lesions
Disease Progression
Course/Attacks Episodic Spells
Course/Chronic disease crisis/flare/attacks
Course/Lethal possible/not usual
Course/Potentially lethal/untreated
Course/Recurrent illness pattern
Course/Severe illness
Lethal Potential
Demographics & Risk Factors
Exposure Factors
Exposure/English walnut ingestion/
Exposure/Ginkgo nut ingestion
Travel, Geographic & Climate Related Factors
Ethnic or Racial Factors
Greek population
Japanese population/ethnic stock
Mediterranean racial stock/population
Middle Eastern Population
Turkish population
Sex & Age Groups
Population/Thirties adult
Laboratory Tests
Microbiology & Serology Findings
Stool Microscopic polys present
Abnormal Lab Findings (Non Measured)
Immunelectrophoresis polyclonal globulin (Lab)
Very High Sed Rate
HLA B5 (Lab)
HLA B51 antigen (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Decreased
Antithrombin III (Lab)
Abnormal Lab Findings - Increased
Anti-cardiolipin (Lab)
Anti-neutrophilic/cytoplasm antibody (ANCA) (Lab)
Alpha-2 globulin level (Lab)
Cryoglobulins (Lab)
Fibrinogen, plasma (Lab)
Gamma globulin (Lab)
IGG/Immunoglobulin G (Lab)
Immune complex titer (Raji) (Lab)
WBC/White Blood Cell Count/Leukocytes (Lab)
Diagnostic Test Results
Other Tests & Procedures
Skin test/Behcetine test positive
Colonoscopy/Colon ulcers
PATH/Granulomatous vasculitis
PATH/Vasculitis lesions
BX/Skin biopsy/Abnormal
PATH/Endothelial cell swelling
PATH/Granulomatous tissue/specimen
PATH/Inflammatory pathology
PATH/Mononuclear/perivascular infiltrate
CT Scan
MRI/Head Pseudo-MS Brain pattern (Secondary MS)
Associated Diseases & Rule outs
Associated Disease & Complications - Rule Outs
Aseptic meningitis syndrome
Crohn's colitis/large bowel
Encephalitis, viral
Hand, foot and mouth disease
Herpes labialis (cold sore)
Herpes simplex
Herpes Simplex Stomatitis
Inflammatory bowel disease
Lupus erythematosis, systemic
Mollaret's meningitis syndrome
Pseudotumor cerebri
Takayasu's pulseless aortitis syndrome
Ulcerative colitis
Recurrent Meningitis
Associated Disease & Complications - Causes
Amyloidosis, adrenal
Amyloidosis, systemic
Aneurysm of artery
Aneurysm, pulmonary artery
Antiphospholipid Syndrome/APLS
Aseptic meningitis syndrome
Brain stem lesion
Cerebellar ataxia
Cerebral thrombosis
Cerebral vascular accident
Cerebral vein thrombosis/phlebitis
Corneal ulcer
Cranial nerve palsy
Cranial venous sinus thrombosis
Crohn's disease (regional enteritis)
Cutaneous vasculitis
CVA Inflammatory disorders/cause
CVA Vascular disorders causes
Death Outcome
Dermatitis, neutrophilic
Encephalomyelitis, acute
Encephalopathy/CNS effect
Erythema nodosum
Focal GN/focal glomerulonephritis
Gingivostomatitis syndrome
Glossitis/tongue inflammation
Granulomatous Vasculitis
Hepatic vein thrombosis (Budd-Chiari)
Inferior vena cava syndrome
Intestine involvement/manifestaion
Intracranial hypertension, benign
Iritis with hypopyon
Meningitis, chronic
Migratory superficial phlebitis
Myelopathy manifestations/involvement
Peripheral gangrene
Pseudotumor cerebri
Pyoderma gangrenosa
Retinal artery occlusion
Retinal hemorrhage
Retinal vasculitis
Retinal vein thrombosis, central
Spinal cord lesion/dysfunction
Superior vena cava obstruction/syndrome
Thrombophlebitis, Superficial
Ulceroglandular syndrome
Vasculitis syndrome
Vitreous hemorrhage
Phlebitis, recurrent
Recurrent Meningitis
Disease Mechanism & Classification
CLASS/Ophthalmology Specialty Population
CLASS/Primary organ/system disorder (ex)
CLASS/Vascular disorder (ex).
CLASS/Vascular Medium Vessel Disorder
CLASS/Vasculopathy disorder (ex).
CLASS/Male genital involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Mucous membrane disorder (ex)
CLASS/Buccal mucosa involvement/disorder
CLASS/Spinal cord disorder (ex)
CLASS/Female genital involvement/disorder (ex)
CLASS/Knee disorder (ex)
CLASS/Multisystem/organ involvement/pathology (ex)
CLASS/Ophthalmology disorders
Pathophysiology/Circulating immune complex
Pathophysiology/Medium Vessel Vasculitis
Pathophysiology/Small Vessel Vasculitis
Pathophysiology/Defective fibrinolysis
Pathophysiology/Denuded/Gastroenteric lesion/secondary
Pathophysiology/Denuding/Anorectal lesions secondary
Pathophysiology/Mucocutaneous disorder/effect
Pathophysiology/Denuding vaginal mucosa/secondary
Pathophysiology/Granulomatous arteritis
Pathophysiology/Vulvovaginal manifestation/involvement
Pathophysiology/Pulmonary vasculitis
Pathophysiology/Exuberant chemotaxis
Pathophysiology/Hyper-responsive granulocytes effect
Pathophysiology/Mucin/small duct (mucus glands) def
PROCESS/Allergy/inflammatory/granulomatous disorder (ex).
PROCESS/Autoimmune disorder (ex)
PROCESS/Ethnic predilection (ex)
PROCESS/Idiopathic/unclassified/unknown (category)
PROCESS/INCIDENCE/Rare disease (ex)
PROCESS/Inflammatory/Granulomatous disease (ex)
PROCESS/Inflammatory/Granulomatous disorder (category)
PROCESS/Necrosis (ex)
PROCESS/Granulomatous Disease
Synonym/Adamantiades-Behcet's syndrome
Synonym/BD (Behcets disease)
Synonym/Behcet's disease
Synonym/Franceschetti-Valerio syndrome
Synonym/Halushi-Behcet's syndrome
Synonym/Oculobuccogenital syndrome
Synonym/Touraine's aphthosis
Synonym/Triple symptom complex of Behcet
Synonym/Uveo-encephalitic syndrome
Synonym/Uveoencephalitis syndrome
Drug Therapy
RX/Alkylating agents
RX/Azathioprine (Imuran)
RX/Chlorambucil (Leukeran)
RX/Ciclosporine Cyclosporin (Sandimmune)
RX/Colchicine (Generic)
RX/Corticosteroid (Cortisone)
RX/Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan)
RX/Dapsone (Avlosulfon)
RX/Infliximab (Remicade)
RX/Low-dose aspirin
RX/Methotrexate (Amethopterin)
RX/Pentoxafylline (Trental)
RX/Thalidomide (Thalomid)
Surgical Procedures or Treatments