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DiagnosisPro - Differential Diagnosis

Single Finding Samples

Signs & Symptoms
Breast mass
Facial Malar flush/rash
Cherry red spot/retinal sign
Esophagitis Pain Syndrome
Shuffling 'magnetic' gait
Breast Discharge
Anterior thigh pain
Chest wall tenderness
Nose blocked/unilateral
Gingival exudate
Associated Disease & Complications
Amblyopia - Causes
Cholelithiasis - Causes
Attention deficit disorder - Rule Outs
Trigeminal neuralgia - Causes
Toxic shock syndrome - Rule Outs
Measles - Rule Outs
Blood loss/exsanguination - Causes
Hypoaldosteronism - Causes
Photodermatosis - Causes
Ischemic Retinopathy - Causes
Ethnic or Racial Factors
Eastern European
Vietnamese ethnic/population
Travel, Geographic & Climate Related Factors
Middle East
Rural area
Persian Gulf
Microbiology & Serology Findings
Cocci on smear
KOH prep abnormal
PCR TBC in specimen
Tzanck test/abnormal
Lab Results
Sialic acid/lipid-bound - Increased
Plasma Retinol - Increased
PCR/TBC Serum Test - Increased
Glucuronidase, beta - Increased
URINE/Estradiol - Decreased
PH - Decreased
Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Immunoglobulin - Increased
Lymphocytes - Increased
IGG synthesis rate - Increased
Fat Sudan stain - Increased
Leukocytes - Increased
Lactoferrin - Increased
Diagnostics Results
Skeletal findings normal
Cervical spine abnormal
Basilar infiltrate/Chest
Echo/Wall-motion abnormality
Echo/Ejection fraction low
Echo/Distended IVC/Vena cava
CT Scan
CT Scan /Brain Mass in AIDS
Head Brain Cyst
MRI/Renal (Kidney) Abnormal
S-T depression (ECG)
Prominent U Waves (ECG)
Short QT interval (ECG)

Multiple Finding Samples

Case 1
Platelet count - Decreased
Reticulocytes - Increased
Bilirubin, serum - Increased
RBC/Red Blood Count - Decreased
Case 2
SYNOVIAL Crystals present
Knee Pain
Joint cartilage calcification
Case 3
Sore throat/Pharyngitis
Red eye, acute/Unilateral
Eyelid erythema/swelling/unilateral
Case 4
Impotence/Erectile dysfunction disorder - Causes
Loss of libido,male
Fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion
Case 5
Thrombocytopenia - Causes
Cirrhosis - Causes
Presentation/Deep Vein Thrombosis Young Recurrent