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DiagnosisPro - Differential Diagnosis

Multiple Finding Samples

Case 1
Platelet count - Decreased
Reticulocytes - Increased
Bilirubin, serum - Increased
RBC/Red Blood Count - Decreased
Case 2
Ear fullness/Aural pressure
Nasal congestion
Itchy palate/throat
Case 3
Chronic fatique syndrome (adult 'mono') - Causes
Crohn's colitis/large bowel - Causes
Brain injury, massive - Causes
Fibromyositis/fibromyalgia syndrome - Causes
TMJ noises/clicking crepitus/chewing
Personality change
Case 4
Alkaline phosphatase, serum - Increased
Fever with Jaundice
Right Upper Quadrant Pain/Tenderness
Abdominal Pain in Elderly
Case 5
Neutrophiles - Increased
LDH isoenzyme 3 - Increased
Edema - Causes