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Differential Diagnosis For Xray/Paravertebral calcification/Spine sacrum


List of current finding(s):

Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Psoriatic arthritis
Reiters Syndrome
Idiopathic, Unclassified Disorders
Diffuse idiopath.skeletal hyperostosis (DISH)
alongside, Bone struct lumbar vertebra, Bone structure of lumbar vertebra, Bone structure of lumbar vertebra (body structure), CALCIFICATION PATHOL, Calcification Pathologic, Calcinoses, Calcinosis, Calcinosis (disorder), Heterotopic calcification, LS Lumbar spine, Lumbar spine, Lumbar spine structure, Lumbar spine structure (body structure), Lumbar vertebra, Lumbar vertebra unspecified, lumbar vertebrae, Lumbar vertebrae (L I L V), Lumbar vertebrae (LI-LV), Lumbar vertebral column, Lumbosacral region, Lumbosacral region structure, Lumbosacral region structure (body structure), Lumbosacral Regions, LV Lumbar vertebra, PATHOL CALCIFICATION, Pathologic calcification, Pathologic calcification (calcified structure), Pathologic calcification calcified structure (morphologic abnormality), Pathologically calcified structure, Region Lumbosacral, Regions Lumbosacral, Set of lumbar vertebrae, Spine.lumbar, Tissue calcification, Vertebra lumbar, Vertebrae Lumbar, Xray
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