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Possible Causes For Typhus, acute/epidemic - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Typhus, acute/epidemic
Pediculosis corporis
Functional, Physiologic Variant Disorders
Terrorist/Chemical-Biological weapon possible
CAMP FEVER, Classical Typhus, Classical Typhus fever, DERMOTYPHO, Epidemic Louse-Borne Typhus, Epidemic louse-borne typhus fever due to Rickettsia prowazekii, Epidemic typhus, Epidemic Typhus fever, European typhus, Exanthematic typhus, Exanthematic Typhus fever, FEVER CAMP, FEVER JAIL, FEVER WAR, FLECKFIEBER, Hildenbrand, lice tabardillo, lice typhus, Louse-borne (epidemic) typhus, Louse-borne epidemic typhus, Louse-borne typhus, Louse-borne typhus (disorder), Louse-Borne Typhus Epidemic, Louse-borne typhus fever, prowazekii Rickettsia prowazekii typhus, Rickettsia prowazekii infection, Rickettsia prowazekii typhus, rickettsiosis Rickettsia prowazekii, tabardillo, tabardillo louse-borne, TIFUS EXANTEMATICO, Tifus exanthematico, typhus classical, Typhus due to Rickettsia prowazekii, TYPHUS EPIDEMIC, Typhus Epidemic Louse Borne, Typhus Epidemic Louse-Borne, typhus exanthematic, TYPHUS EXANTHEMATIQUE, Typhus louse-borne, typhus Rickettsia prowazekii
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