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Differential Diagnosis For Tinnitus in Children


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Ear trauma
Electromagnetic, Physics, trauma, Radiation Causes
Blast injury
Sound, high intensity/noise
Sound trauma hearing loss
Deafness, acoustic trauma, chronic
Infected organ, Abscesses
Osteomyelitis/petrous bone/Petrositis
Calvarium Osteomyelitis (Citelli)
Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Cogan's disease/keratitis/acoustic autoimmune
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Cerebral AV malformation
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Episodic ataxia/EA-2/Hemiplegic migraine
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Foreign body, ear
Impacted cerumen
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Migraine headaches/syndrome
Migrainous stroke/ischemic injury
Acoustic migraine
Migraine equivalent
Vertebrobasilar migraine syndrome
Migraine, hemiplegic type
Migraine, ophthalmoplegic/ophthalmic
Eponymic, Esoteric Disorders
Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome
Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid) Administration/Toxicity
Salicylate intoxication/overdose
Salicylate Administration/Toxicity
ear murmur, Ear noises, Ears ringing in, Finding of tinnitus, Finding of tinnitus (finding), Hearing noises, in children, murmur ear, Noise in ears, noises in ear, Noises in ear (finding), Noises in head, Observation of tinnitus, Ringing Buzzing Tinnitus, Ringing in ears, Ringing/buzzing/tinnitus, Ringing-Buzzing-Tinnitus, Tinnitus, Tinnitus (finding), Tinnitus Aurium, Tinnitus or hearing noises, Tinnitus ringing/buzzing ear, Tinnitus symptom, Tinnitus symptom (finding), Tinnitus unspecified, Unspecified tinnitus, Unspecified tinnitus (finding)
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